What is the state of play of crowdfunding for renewable energies? Last year Visionary Marketing interviewed the founder of KissKissBankBank , Vincent Ricordeau. This year, we met Nicolas de Feraudy , Managing Director of Lendopolis, a company of the same group, which specializes in crowdfunding around renewable energy, with projects mainly oriented towards the construction of solar power plants.

A good way for the French to direct their savings towards something concrete, local and eco Venezuela Phone Number List logical. Let’s see with Nicolas where the funding of these projects is and how the Lendopolis platform attracts funding and remunerates it. And we will take the opportunity to dispel myths, especially on solar energy.

50 Million Investments, And 25 Million Raised In 2019

The rate of growth is sustained and is explained, according to Nicolas, by various factors, but mainly by the fact that the public authorities campaign for citizens to direct their savings towards the productive economy and in particular towards renewable energies. Natural increase also comes with the effect of years. Lendopolis has been around since 2014, which may seem young, but it is the latest that can exist in crowdfunding in the form of loans, since the regulations date from 2014.

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Lendopolis now has 30,000 registered people, who can access the various placement opportunities offered regularly each week. Out of 30,000 registrants, about half are investors
Half of those registered at Lendopolis have taken the plunge and have already placed part of their savings in a project. It’s our mission to convince the other half, says Nicolas. A minimum investment of 20 €. The specificity of Lendopolis is to have democratized access to these investments to all, by offering the lowest ticket on the Marlet

A Solar Quota Of Around A Quarter Of Renewable Energy In France

Today, the main supplier of electricity in France remains the nuclear fleet, underlines Nicolas. But renewable energies represent around 22 to 23% of final electricity consumption in France. Of these 23%, nearly half is linked to hydroelectric power stations, historic in France, and the other half to solar, wind and biomass.

Funding quite logically led by institutions, but 6% financed by crowdfunding for the general public. Lendopolis still represents a marginal part of the park that has been commissioned, but already represents part of the funding that is provided. Lendopolis investors still represent part of the overall funding provided, banks and renewable energy developers also finance with equity. As a rule, Lendopolis represents 5 to 6% of the amount contributed, but we have already financed several hundred solar power plants and wind farms, underlines Nicolas.

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