A study was needed to draw up an international inventory of customer loyalty in 2021 towards distributors * and brands. And that’s what Emarsys has achieved . I was able to talk to Pierre Dunoyer de Segonzac , Managing Director of the French subsidiary of the Austrian Montserrat Email List , a major player in personalization – and who is now part of the SAP group.- to comment on the results of this very enriching study carried out among 7,000 consumers in the United States, England, France, Germany and Austria.

This study is particularly interesting in that it gives marketers the keys to the driving forces behind customer loyalty, at the same time as it draws a robot portrait of the different types of loyalty, classified into 5 main categories. Apart from this report, you will find most of my interview with Pierre in the podcast which appears in this post and on our dedicated page . Also note that a subtitled video version is also available, and that it allows you to better visualize the results at the same time that you will hear Pierre’s comments.

Emarsys Study On The State Of Play Of Customer Loyalty In 2021

He speaks to the engineer and the latter tells him: “This machine has a power of X horsepower, we use a type of steel Y, etc.” thepotential client An essential activity because B2B companies lose between 5% and 15% of their customers each … does not care about all that. ” Am I going to impress the girls?” “, This is what he wonders. In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … will be able to reflect on the value of listening to clients and developing action plans based on qualitative studies. Here is an account of my interview with Andrew Deutsch.

Montserrat Email List

In the eyes of the algorithm, it’s not worth showing it to five hundred more people. We better take advantage of stocks thatusers are naturally willing to do it rather than trying to get around an algorithm that no one really knows and that will change anyway in the next few days or weeks. For each group a different strategy must be put in place. Separate and precise communication must then be considered in order to be as effective as possible and to obtain the best results.

Customer Loyalty Study: Customer, I Love You, Neither Do I

67% of customers consider themselves loyal, and even more in France with 78%. Emarsys 2021 customer loyalty study Focus on the reasons why consumers remain loyal to distributors (Emarsys 2021 customer loyalty study) 53% buy indiscriminately and say they would change if they found it cheaper elsewhere. “We have a passionate relationship with our brands,” emphasizes Pierre, but we change them all the same if we have a bad experience, or if we find cheaper elsewhere.

Consumers are indeed very sensitive to a few factors: the extent of the range and the endless discounts and low prices. It is true that distributors have conditioned consumers in this direction. 21% of consumers surveyed were more demanding during COVID. Was it because they had more time to select their products and purchases?

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