Even if your company is located away from the coastline and the potential for hurricanes, your locale could Belize Phone Number be vulnerable to a catastrophic event, particularly if you are located in a large metropolitan area that attracts a lot of tourists. Other geographic locales can be prone to specific disasters. If you are located near a desert, your area could.

 prone to choking dust storms

Rivers regularly flood and mountainous areas are prone to avalanches. Perhaps you live near an earthquake fault line. The disaster potential of where you live is important so that you can plan accordingly for business continuity. The types of disasters.

Belize Phone Number

That create a business disruption

Are in the thousands. Disgruntled employees seeking to sabotage the company present a risk for business disruption. In particular, a disgruntled IT employee who has access to your most sensitive data and business-critical operations could have a devastating effect with a few clicks of the mouse.  company, may steal computer.

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