They share valuable knowledge from their passion in their blogs and vlogs that really benefit you as a follower, without the ‘look at me, being busy and successful’ feeling.

Practice makes perfect. Publish your posts with the right intent, and your confidence will grow. Do remain critical of yourself. Are you reporting something that is chafing or are you looking for a limit? Then test your message in advance with a few people from your target group. “Guys, is this possible?” And tweak it a bit here and there.

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Grow in the right direction

Feel the freedom to share insights and knowledge from your heart, in a creative way, staying true to your own values. To discover the right profiling based on your quality and modest disposition. The result is more visibility, more trust from potential customers and fun interactions. As a marketing tool, to grow your business in the direction you want.

Be sure to watch the video by Ivo Niehe . Then you at least know how you don’t want to come across.

I often talk about magic words. Yet numbers are also magical. Why? Because numbers stand out in text and inspire confidence in the readers. Certain numbers even find their way into readers’ minds better than others. If you know how this works, you can count on extra conversion power. That’s why in this article, 7 x why you can count on numbers if you process them correctly in your copy.


Numbers or numbers

First this. Because when I came up with a title for this article, I immediately got stuck. Is it ‘why you can count on numbers in copy’ or ‘why you can count on numbers in copy’. Do you know the difference between numbers and numbers? Not me, until 1 hour before writing this article. So I VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists went from magic to googling numbers and numbers. Curious what I discovered? That you can compare numbers and numbers with letters and words.

Chief and VP of Purchasing Email Lists

A letter is a sign, a word is made up of letters. Sometimes there are one letter words, such as ‘u’. More often, words are formed from several letters. A number is a sign, a number is made up of numbers. To illustrate: eleven is a number represented by the digits 11 A number represents a quantity in numbers.

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