Mr. Yang Mu is the most difficult example of a writer to become. First of all, it is difficult to find writers who have become classics in more than two genres; furthermore, there are only very few writers who can fully and perfect the context of Chinese and Western aesthetics into their own styles. Another most important thing is his belief, his belief in beauty, his belief in poetry, his belief in literature, from the earliest to the latest, which has never changed. He still asks sharp questions, maintains a pure way, and uses the most knowledgeable possible to calculate the lyricism that belongs to himself and the times. Some readers subconsciously feel that his literature is “difficult” and “threshold”, especially his later poems, which are not so “easy to eat” in terms of rhyme and form. However, readers who like Yang Mu have a special authority: you can find your favorite Yang Mu at any stage.


His works are diverse and extensive

You are not afraid to read them Nepal Phone Number  but you are afraid that you have no time to read them… So you Growing up with the context of these works, the context is not necessarily linear. Works will be waiting for you, as long as you believe in literature, as long as you believe in an author like Yang Mu. He is also a writer who really understands the secret connection between “poem” and “song”. Sometimes he rhymes with poetry, sometimes he writes in prose, and sometimes he sees poetry in terms of songs. In Mr. Yang Mu’s world, few things have only one aspect. Even his most well-known subject, “Hualien,” is full of many facets. Yang Mu, Hualien, and me On the evening of Mr. Yang Mu’s death, it rained in Hualien. The raindrops were fine and dense. In the gradually chang night sky, like transparent meteors, they fell on him, but they not annoying and did not ne to hurriedly avoided… I truly believe  this way A suitable rain is a tribute to Mr. Yang Mu from his hometown.


In the gradually changing night sky

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Mr. Yang Mu is the eternal son of Hualien. Not only as a geographical affection.but also from countless works .he has turned and presented his hometown again and again. There is no basis for literature. The night rain has not yet really raged. and at that moment. my mood was extremely complicated because I happened to be in Hualien. At such a regrettable moment. I am fortunately staying in Hualien. and my emotions are completely connected. At the same time, I am extremely regretful. If I were not in Hualien would it not be so sad As a child born in Hualien, in the process of trying to establish a relationship with literature. I was very close to Mr. Yang Mu on two occasions. Although, on those two occasions. I didn’t actually see Mr. Yang Mu. but in the works, I saw him thousands of times.

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