Halfway betweenthe blog postand advertising, this type of content is very popular with everyone.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, the sponsored article is a great way to make yourself known and give a boost to your business.

But as for the rest, it is necessary to take some precautions to use it wisely.

Here is a practical guide to the sponsored article to help you make the most of it.

What is a sponsored post?
In appearance, a sponsored post looks like any regular blog post.

This is editorial content posted on a blog or website, at the request of a third party.

The blog then becomes the publisher, and the third party becomes the advertiser.

The article thus retains the editorial line that characterizes the blog, for perfect integration with it.

In this, the sponsored article is to be differentiated from the advertorial, which is ready-to-use content.

It’s aform of native advertising, which offers much better results than other forms of web advertising.

Why opt for a sponsored article?
Contrary toother forms of web advertising, the Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers sponsored article integrates perfectly with the blog on which it is published.

This advantage is due to the fact that the article is written by the author of the blog himself.

Thus, the editorial style and the tone employed remain the same as in all the other articles of the blog.

And this is precisely what allows the sponsored article to display a much higher click-through rate than other forms of advertising.

It is also a great solution to bypass ad blockers on the Internet.

Much less intrusive, the sponsored article really integrates naturally with the rest of the content.

It therefore in no way interferes with the user, who can continue browsing without being interrupted by popups and other untimely displays.

Its click rate is thus around 0.2%, compared to less than 0.1% for other types of advertising content.

For the advertiser, that is to say the one who buys the article, it is a way to make themselves known and to generate more traffic and leads.

For the publisher, the sponsored article makes it possible to generate additional income by renting advertising space.

It is therefore a very effective way to make your activity profitable, whatever it may be.

But because for any action there is reaction, the sponsored article also shows its limits.

What are the limits of the sponsored article?
All the difficulty of the sponsored article lies in its content.

More specifically, the challenge for the copywriter is to find the right balance between marketing copywriting and exaggerated branding.

In other words, you have to know how to promote and sell a subject without seeming to.

But it is far from being within everyone’s reach.

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It is therefore necessary to ensure that you find an experienced writer to make your sponsored article profitable.

In addition, we must not forget that this is neither more nor less than a form of disguised advertising.

And that consequently, it is less likely to be clicked by the user if it is badly written.

We must also emphasize the importance of a blog with high traffic to publish a sponsored article.

A blog that does not generate traffic will obviously have no interest for an advertiser.

Speaking of advertisers, they will also have to plan a budget for writing their articles, which can sometimes be substantial depending on the skills of the writer.

As for the publisher, he must take care to accept only the most relevant articles in relation to his activity and the content of his blog.

And of course, the sponsored article obeys the same rules as any other form of native advertising.

In particular, it must clearly mention its advertising nature, so as not to mislead the user.

However, all these disadvantages do not prevent the sponsored article from being successful and highly appreciated by advertisers and bloggers alike.

All the interest of this kind of article is precisely to integrate perfectly into its support.

If you choose a blog that deals with garden furniture, you will not be able to include an article that deals with child psychology.

And needless to say, an article that has nothing to do with its support will not be at all interesting for the user.

So be sure to choose the right theme for the right sponsored post.

It is indeed on this criterion that the relevance of the approach will depend.

Also, there is no question of publishing a sponsored article on any website.

As I told you, a blog that does not generate traffic is uninteresting from a visibility point of view.

Because the goal for an advertiser is above all to make themselves known.

The idea is therefore to choose a blog powerful enough touse influencer marketing.

But it’s not always easy to find effective publishers to publish a sponsored article.

Just as it is not easy for a publisher to find the right advertiser for a lasting collaboration.

Advertisers and publishers: how to find each other?

This is definitely the trickiest part of the sponsored post.

Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, the canvassing phase is very time-consuming.

Especially since you don’t always know who to contact to find your happiness.

If this is your case, the best thing is to turn to a platform specializing in the management of sponsored articles.

By using a platform like Getfluence or Influenzzz for example, you can delegate all or part of the work.

This type of platform makes it possible in particular to enter into a relationship between publishers and advertisers.

Specialized platforms thus save considerable time and money.

As an advertiser, you can devote yourself to more important tasks than finding publishers for your sponsored article.

And as a publisher, you no longer have to approach advertisers yourself.

So you have more time to devote to your own blog and your own articles.

In short, the sponsored article without a platform seems difficult to envisage today.

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