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in addition, its main mission is to implement bim in spain, as well as to promote it and establish roadmaps. This extensive working group is supported by the ministry of development and generates multiple documents that we can go to to clarify concepts or investigate. One of these documents is the definition of the roles and responsibilities throughout the life cycle of a bim project , whether it is a building or an infrastructure.

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Tthese roles that we are going to analyze are not positions in a company. They are functions and responsibilities assigned to work teams. But, since they could be derived as positions in a company or as Lithuania Phone Number a professional opportunity. In this article we will present them as such, highlighting the most relevant. Inesem business school gis + bim master in civil. Engineering and infrastructures more information each role will require prior regulated academic training to a greater or lesser extent.


Bim project manager –

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Bim project manager bim project manager it is one of the main bim career opportunities. It operates at the strategic, tactical and operational level. Featured roles and responsibilities: develop bim protocols according to customer information requirements. Develop a project plan and define its scope. Select, shape and lead the project. Manage quality, changes and control risks. Keep the project on cost and deadline. Track and report project progress and status. Bim modeler – bim modeler / bim operator bim modeller it is

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