Guidelines The fact that this is becoming increasingly important.  Reflected in the Page Experience Update (from Google, ed.), which includes three Core Web Vitals as of June 2021 that make concrete what contributes to user-friendliness and ease of use. These Core Web Vitals will be expanded over time when other components can be made Bulgaria Phone Number measurable. This also indicates that a website without too many barriers is becoming increasingly important.” But the basics of SEO don’t change: just create great content! Rutger: “Google is working on a multi-year plan and trends are rarely really trends . For example, new functions are not added, just like in YouTube or Snapchat. Ultimately, just like 20 years ago, SEO is all about.

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Site strong content Good links to the site “Google may be checking things a little differently now and cheating is getting harder and harder. But this is and remains the basis. So my advice: read less about SEO and just create great content for the people you want to reach. So hoppatee, fast internet block and content! ” Woman holding cookies in front of her eyes. The cookieless future In 2020, Google announced that Chrome will block third-party cookies . Initially, this “Google Privacy Sandbox Update” was planned for early 2022, but has been delayed by at least 2 years.

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A so-called ‘cookieless’ future. Nevertheless, there is a clear trend to better protect the privacy of website visitors and telephone users. For example, iOS 15’s new privacy settings are challenging for marketers and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection is affecting email marketing. We are moving towards a so-called ‘cookieless’ future. This means for marketers that personalization, targeting and retargeting have to be different. What is the impact of the approaching end of.

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