A fashionable term for some time now, Social Selling consists of using social networks in the sales process. It is quite simply the extension of commercial prospecting actions on social platforms. Today, it is estimated that 57% of purchasing decisions are made online, before contacting a salesperson (source: CEB). So in Reunion Island as elsewhere it is necessary to be well present online, to provide interesting information to support prospects in their reflection. This is the basis of Inboud Marketing. The sales team will therefore have every interest in publishing / sharing high added value content in places where the prospects are: professional social networks.

We will stop here on LinkedIn and Twitter, the two main professional social networks used in our Western world (and therefore in Reunion) Gain visibility In general, video is a medium that is very worked (I’m not saying that images and different types of publication are less, that also requires work). That is, it requires different skills. The end result is felt and is therefore observable in the community. If the video works it will be shared by users and thus the brand will gain visibility.

Define A Content Strategy

Obviously, in order to be effective, you have to put in place a content strategy. That is to say that each content that will be published (blog article, Facebook post, video, etc.) must have its role in the prospect’s purchasing process . It is also important to involve the sales team in this strategy: the content must be integrated by everyone, and at all times.

And conversely, salespeople can create their own content : articles on LinkedIn, photos / videos of a conference, of a meeting. In addition to creating visibility for your company and their representatives, they help humanize your brand. 2 / Prepare the spaces Before opening a store, do you have to check the displays, the decoration and the atmosphere? Well, it’s the same for LinkedIn or Twitter.

Start The Conversation

Once the content is ready and the spaces refined, you have to look for your prospects. Based on the information defined by your personas (we have written an article to explain in 3 questions what a persona is ), you will look for interesting profiles. Then, for example, you can challenge them or directly engage in conversation : private message (Twitter) or inMail (LinkedIn), mention (Twitter), congratulate on a professional or personal birthday (LinkedIn or Twitter), etc.

From now on, you can create conversations and continue to feed content (depending on the strategy defined at the start) to retain your prospect. 4 / Use advanced features On LinkedIn in particular, there are features (paying, of course) to be more efficient in its commercial efforts. The “ Sales Navigator ” subscription (count around € 60 / month) allows you, in a dedicated interface, to find commercial opportunities with a fairly efficient search system. We can classify the identified prospects in lists, contact those who are not in our network, benefit from information on companies and contacts or be offered prospects following defined criteria.

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