Social networks are the opportunity to improve the customer experience during their journey. It’s worth noting: when marketers strategize, they’re not just looking to attract new customers, but also keep current ones.

Let’s think of a great traditional brand: Coca-Cola. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what Coca-Cola is, yet the company continues to advertise. Why? To maintain its position in the market.

In social networks we have another ingredient: interactivity. Anyone can talk and contact you at any time.

As Christoph Neut, Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

VP of Sales at Sparkcentral (Hootsuite) said in the Social Trends 2022 report:

“When you combine marketing and customer support in social media, you cover, at the same time, the main results that impact the customer’s buying experience and the final sales results of your company. That is the big picture that many companies still do not see.”

The point is to try to Bolivia WhatsApp Number List add value to every interaction. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) operate with this mindset first and foremost, and what a company projects on social media could often benefit from this mindset as well.

2. Proactive listening at the macro level
What challenges are your clients facing in the face of updated regulation, unexpected external events and new technologies? Different types of social networks can give you clues about these challenges, but you should look for them.

Proactive Listening Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

differs from active listening in that customers may not speak directly to you. You can consider using social media as a way to listen to a client’s customers.

When you work with B2B, a lot of your customers’ pain comes from their own customers’ pain.

Tips for implantation:

What industry publications do your customers subscribe to? Many posts will have a presence on social media, even if they are traditionally paid posts.
What generates more word of mouth? What excites your buyer person?
Do any of your clients use influencer marketing? What are the channels or accounts that are influencers in this space?

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