Social networks are now an integral part of our lives. First used privately for sharing photos, links or even moods, their massive use has gradually El-Salvador Email List their use to achieve a real business dimension . Faced with their obvious business opportunity, many brands and companies have taken an interest in this communication channel, and are now very active, constantly seeking to create links with their targets. Zoom on the latest social media figures, the lessons and trends of this year 2020.

Today, more than 4.5 billion people use the Internet. The number of social media users has passed the 3.8 billion mark . Almost 60% of the world’s population is now online, and the latest trends suggest that by mid-2020, more than half of the world’s population will be using social media. However, significant challenges remain and there is still a long way to go before everyone can have fair and equal access to an internet connection.

Digital In 2020: The Numbers To Remember

The place that digital occupies in our lives is always growing a little more: 4.54 billion : the number of Internet users in the world, up 7% (298 million new users) since January 2019.
3.8 billion social network users worldwide in January 2020, a figure up more than 9% (321 million new users) compared to last year at the same period. More than 5.19 billion people worldwide use a cell phone , a number of users up 124 million (2.4%) from last year.

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Currently, just over 40% of the world’s population – or roughly 3.2 billion people – are still not connected to the Internet. Over a billion of these “unconnected ” people live in South Asia (31% of the total), while African countries account for 27% in total, or 870 million people who still do not have Internet access across the continent.


Key Figures From Social Networks Around The World

Some key figures on social media users • 3.80 billion: the number of active users in the world, ie 49% of the population. • + 9.2% : this is the percentage of annual increase in the number of users. • 3.75 billion : the number of social network users who browse on their smartphone, ie 99% of mobile phone owners.
Do you still have doubts about the fact that it is really necessary to work on social networks ?! Digital communication largely takes place through this constantly expanding channel.

How do users behave on social networks? • 97% : this is the number of users who have visited or used a social network or an instant messaging service in the last month. • 2h24 : this is the average time spent daily on social networks. • 43% : this is the percentage of Internet users who use social networks professionally.
Given these statistics, as a company and as part of your social media strategy, it is therefore essential to keep your pages and groups alive on a daily basis. Trust our Experts to support you in defining an effective social media strategy in order to generate engagement and retain your audience. Post regularly, two to three times a week to several times a day depending on your activity and your ability to share relevant content .

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