If there is something that those of us who dedicate ourselves to marketing in the digital world want to do well, it is to succeed in publishing content on social networks. The problem is that social networks constantly change their formats and algorithms. So, when you have already achieved something that works, the networks change. To make things more difficult, networks aren’t the only ones changing. People also change. It’s something that happens all the time as people change the way they use social media and what they expect to get out of it. But there is nothing that cannot be solved. For us as marketing professionals it is essential to understand how networks work and how we can get the most out of them. After all, they are the ones that will help us get our content to our target audience.

For this reason, we want to share with you this article in which we talk about how to create the perfect post for 3 of the most important social Albania Phone Number networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Facebook Images and videos uploaded directly to Facebook typically perform better than other types of content. So, if you have created a video for your content strategy, the best thing to do would be to share it directly on Facebook and not, for example, upload it to YouTube and then leave the link on Facebook. In general, it would be advisable to upload the content to each platform according to its own guidelines.

For Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The text No matter what type of content you upload to Facebook, if you don’t accompany it with a good text, it won’t be successful. Facebook currently limits your posts to 63,206 characters, but who has time to read all that? Both Hubspot and Buffer have noted that the length of a Facebook post should be around 40 characters. However, while we recommend keeping texts short, we encourage you to experiment with different lengths of text to see what works best for your audience. And with so few characters available, what can you post? Here are some ideas: Make a question. Questions are a great way to generate a reaction in your audience, since whoever reads it will immediately think of an answer or if they have been in the situation raised.

On Facebook you can make a list of the most interesting points of the article you are sharing to encourage people to click in search of details. Share a date. If, for example, your content is about an interview or contains a phrase that clearly resonates with your buyer persona , take these words and share the quote to encourage your readers. Use emoji. According to a Hubspot post , using emojis increases likes by 57%, while increasing the chances of getting comments and getting the post shared by 33%. So why not? 😉 The images In its guidelines, Facebook indicates that it will automatically change the size and adjust the photos uploaded to the platform. To avoid file compression, upload images of a maximum of 100kB. Also, Facebook recommends saving the files in .

Facebook Currently Limits Your

JPG and with an RGB color profile. The recommended size for uploading images to the platform is 1200 x 630 px. Another option would be to experiment with 1200 x 1200 px square images. facebook image size For some time now, sharing a link on Facebook is accompanied by an image. Depending on the resolution of the image we upload, it will look small and to the side of the meta description or large on top of the meta description. It is best to use the largest image, for this the optimal size is 1200 x 630 px. Any image smaller than 600 x 315 px will appear small and to the side of the link. image facebook link Instagram This social network was born as a platform to share photos. At that time, the value of the publication was in the value (good or bad) of the photograph itself.

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