In recent years, the company-client relationship has changed a lot in all sectors. The trade of products and services. Currently, the customer is no longer satisfied with an advertisement and a good description of the product to buy it. But rather requires a personalized and constant treatment by the brand to feel that they are buying from the right place. Taking advantage of the valuable resources offered by Inbound Marketing such as videos, podcasts, images and webinars, among others, has become vital. A current reality in which users want to consume content while performing their daily tasks, prioritizing the accessibility and practicality of networks.

This will not only build customer loyalty, but will also attract new customers due to the connecting power of social networks where customers have the opportunity to share our content, leave comments, rate us and thus spread our business successfully Namibia Phone Number and at a low cost. . Another point to keep in mind is that, being in a market with great competition, it is important to seek to distinguish ourselves through content that makes a difference. Keeping these potential customers and loyal customers engaged with our content will allow us to be a reference in the sector and a first option when customers need the product we offer. Why is retaining customers as valuable as generating new ones? It is not a small thing what a loyal customer can do for our brand.

Taking Advantage of the Valuable

By managing to generate customer engagement and trust in our brand. We can achieve a true ambassador who shares and comments on our publications. Who rates us positively and who recommends us to their acquaintances. In this way we will get, thanks to them, in the long term, new clients with a low investment. Mobile with likes in social media plan for social media services and social networks Tips for a good loyalty strategy. Generate unique and quality content that attracts the user to continue in your network and to return. It is of great importance when creating the correct content to analyze the products. We have to offer and the type of related content that we can generate depending on the audience it is intended for. It is essential to know the needs of our public so as not to fail.

Stay active on social networks. Generate a concrete and viable content strategy where to define, for example, frequency and schedule of publications. This will generate and maintain links with users. Define the content to publish and adapt it to each social network. Posting on Twitter, where we have few characters to write, is not the same as posting on Facebook, where we will have much more space. Nor is it the same to write on LinkedIn where we will point to formality, than on Instagram where we will be more modern and informal.

Tool for Customer Loyalty

That is why it is important to know well the social networks. Which we will publish, so as not to make mistakes in the forms. Use ordinary language that makes it clear. There is a person on the other side, just like the one reading. He also responds to interactions with the same warmth. No consumer feels comfortable talking to a robot. It is relevant to vary the type of content and avoid that all published content is related to our products.

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