In the space of 10 years, social networks have transformed our relationship with brands and are now a force in digital marketing. No wonder they are therefore fully integrated into business marketing. Tunisia Email List professionals are thus faced with permanent challenges and it is this rapidly changing environment that is contributing to the evolution of the digital landscape. 2018 promises new content trends that will impact editorial, strategic and budgetary decisions. Here is our top 3!

Christophe Ducamp is awaiting clarification on how this market will actually be developed. Robert Vinet believes that, on the contrary, the token economy will be dominant when the services are developed. He also believes that these will actually be community processes, not global ones. Paul Richardet recalls that this horizontal and decentralized model makes it possible to block data and make it official, but this can be a danger since everyone will have access to information and without control. Pierre Noro does not agree with the reputation model. For him, communication must be at the service of crypto-currency and not the other way around. He would also like to see the technical aspect developed, which is quite complex.

The Power Of Stories

Invented by Snapchat , copied by Instagram, duplicated by Facebook , stories are a new editorial format, exclusively mobile, which mixes photos, videos and GIFs for a limited time. Increasingly popular, they already have more than 300 million active users whether on pages or profiles.

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By creating a unique link with its community, the story implies authenticity, a direct link and personalization. It allows you to publish behind the scenes of an event, the interview of a personality or a muse as well as the live one. As the Stories are erased after 24 hours, a feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is created and the content is therefore considered more “qualitative” in the eyes of Internet users. “We are seeing a blockchain heavyweight appear in France and start-ups deserve to be better known”

The Power Of Artificial Intelligence And Chatbots

The chatbot generalize. Their uses have a steadily increasing adoption rate among advertisers: 38% of companies are currently deploying their chatbot and 79% will have done so by 2020 in the context of interactions with their customers.

These artificial intelligence-boosted software are specially programmed to be able to communicate directly with Internet users and answer their questions. The chatbot is the commercial service accessible at all times. It’s a new point of contact that can be used just as well to confirm a reservation, to track the shipment of a product, to buy online without leaving the messaging application or to receive personalized alerts.

All this is done in a simple way. All you have to do is give the machine the objective to be achieved, the specifications of its environment and the standard phrases that will be used during the exchanges. The tool then proceeds to a discussion broken down into stages to try to understand the customers’ needs and bring it towards the objective (reserve a product, place an order, contact after-sales service, etc.). Chatbots being connected to artificial intelligence, the more your company manages large volumes of contacts, the more your software will be able to learn quickly through their interactions with your customers and gradually improve the customer experience.

The Interactivity Of Marketing Campaigns

To grab their audience’s attention more effectively, brands need to use original techniques. They seek in particular to differentiate themselves by enhancing their “classic” content with interactive marketing campaigns. These include all forms of advertising allowing an immediate reaction to the advertising message, whether via the website, social networks, or even TV advertisements containing CTAs (Call to Action).

A real trend, interactive formats are becoming a pillar of communication and brands relay them via inseparable social networks. And the recipe is already working very well. Numerous studies show that these types of content tend to generate 4 to 5 times more page views than “static” content. Demand Gen Report researchers even claim that more than 90% of online shoppers preferred interactive content.

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