The second installment of this series of posts is to social networks. And what their performance may be this new year. Trend: Real-time campaigns. We have seen excellent examples of big brand campaigns on social networks and it is time to. That this practice can also be used in small businesses. Real-time marketing can be a bet that you can take advantage of to make. Your profiles known and stand out from your competition. Do you want an example. Oreo does an excellent job of acting immediately when spontaneous situations happen at events or in the environment. That is why we must say that we love their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

It is enough to remember the excellent image that they shared in their accounts in relation to the uncomfortable moment that was experienced Australia Mobile Number Database in the Super bowl of the year 2013 and how it did not take even 5 minutes to generate an image that was shared in an impressive way. Trend #2: More visual content Social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and even Snapchat have shown that visual content is important and that is why most of the big brands have understood that managing this type of content is necessary.

Yesterday We Shared 5 Trends

You don’t need a great production, the important thing is to be consistent when publishing and creative in the topics. For example, what if to promote a new product , instead of putting banners all over the internet, it is better to create a series with videos of no more than 15 minutes showing the benefits that the customer will obtain when purchasing it? Or maybe instead of writing 2,000+ word content, you create an infographic that summarizes the main points and share it on Facebook? Trend #3: Ad Campaigns Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads already exist , we would not be surprised if Instagram will soon allow advertising to be included.

This type of strategy may not be cheap, but it ensures that your profiles have the view you want and the reach necessary to have commercial conversions. Sometimes the most difficult thing to achieve is making the client know your brand and products and for that Ads are an excellent option. You can publish in a segmented way and with the target customer in mind. The campaigns are not that expensive and the traffic results are noticeable almost immediately. Trend Trained Account Management Staff I already passed that stage where in social networks the only thing that mattered was getting meaningless followers.

Digital Marketing That We Are Sure

It is time to have the followers who are in your brand and can be potential customers. For that you should not only post meaningless content on your profiles . You need to understand what your customers expect from. Your posts and how they can use the information you share with them in their daily lives. The person in charge of managing and monitoring the social networks of your store must be able to write content without misspellings. Express an idea in different channels (Facebook, Twitter). Ensuring that the same point is understood in each one and respond to any comment by the customer.

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