It’s the start of the year, the time to make predictions from experts, especially digital marketing and social media experts. Digimind’s annual exercise , to which the editorial staff of Visionary Marketing was invited, Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List a fairly broad and ultimately fairly consensual panorama of the state of the Web and the social Web. Not surprisingly, this one is linked to the news. 30 experts (from Digimind and external), researchers and teachers unveil their trends on social media and digital marketing in 2020 at the invitation of Christophe Asselin and his team. Here is my summary and analysis.

First trend, when we talk about innovation we often talk about start-ups, scale ups and unicorns, especially in France where Thomas praised the ecosystem. “But the CAC 40 companies are still cautious” continued the VP of Forrester. “They organize hackathons and invest in start-ups but do not change their culture enough to go further.” However, innovation is accelerating and POCs are not enough, ” the goal is therefore to industrialize innovation and it is imperative to see how to prepare for it “. This is why it is necessary to go to great masses like the CES, even if that only gives indications.

Social Media And Digital Marketing Trends 2020

We talk about digital transformation , artificial intelligence of social media (which are like digital as a whole, “only tools”, Guillaume Terrien p 6). Not to mention the inevitable TikTok which wins hands down in the applause, like all social media targeted pre-teens before him (almost everyone has quoted him, pp 3,8,11,17,18,19,22 , 24,30,25,38, 39, 40, 43 and he buried Snapchat which had saturated the airwaves before him, and Instagram which had replaced Facebook in this niche, itself supplanted by Snapchat, unless it is the ‘reverse, and Msn which had been killed by Facebook and so on).

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We also talk about influence and the Dark Web. Second trend, “all CES markets are declining markets” and ” digital is inserted into all objects, even mattresses ” explained Thomas, and this innovation is pushing companies – unless it is in the another meaning – to move from product to service, then to experience. Recent example: Sony announced a connected car, it is for them a showcase and a way for equipment manufacturers to move up the value chain and to share this value with manufacturers.

Social Media Trends 2020: A Serious Tone

What strikes me above all when looking at this trend book, a sum of 53 pages, is the serious, even sometimes worrying, tone of the experts’ vision. I feel, on the ground, a growing gap between the grassroots population, which is still trying to discover social media (from time to time I am called to organize a discovery session, even if it amuses me a bit. little I must say) and the distance taken by the experts vis-à-vis their own object of study or work.

Because digital is becoming more and more political (Olivier Ertscheid p 10) or even an object of domination (Casilli, p 10 cited by the same author), but also of narcissism (Jacqueline Sala p 12). Social media 2020: influence in search of meaning or reason As for influence, it is “in search of meaning” according to Thierry Welhoff (p 14), the inventor of the eponymous observatory, or in the process of being cleaned up on the road to his age of reason (Stéphane Bouillet p 7) .

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