2020: major social media trends
The year 2019 was an opportunity for some social media to do well, like the success of TikTok. Likewise, influencer marketing has continued to grow Greece Email List and now has its place in digital strategies. So what does 2020 have in store for us? Discover the five predictions that will undoubtedly mark the next twelve months.

the content must have been modified enough to mislead users of the platform, the video must be the result of an intervention of artificial intelligence or machine learning having added additional content to make it authentic. Of course, videos that are simply edited for better clarity won’t be concerned.

Tiktok, The Essential Platform

Launched in 2016, the social platform TikTok reached one billion downloads at the start of 2019. And the least we can say is that its success is not about to stop! Each month, nearly 800 million users around the world connect to this application, which allows you to create 15-second viral videos against a musical background. The commercial potential of this medium is therefore immense since it gives access to an extremely interested young audience.

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If you had planned to focus your marketing actions on traditional social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, then you had every interest in modifying your plans for 2020. The Bytedance group (owner of TikTok) is not there. is not fooled by opening new offices in Paris and offering French advertisers its TikTok Ads advertising solution.

Influencer Marketing Continues To Gain Momentum

Influencer marketing is also one of the trends for 2020. In fact, consumers today increasingly trust the opinions of their peers during their purchasing journey rather than the messages of brands. Certain sectors of activity such as beauty, fashion or the automobile have understood this well and have not hesitated to use influencer marketing to speak to their community via social media.

The year 2020 should however give pride of place to micro-influencers, connected with communities on a human scale but very committed. The latter therefore stand out from celebrities by their ability to exchange personally with their subscribers and twist the necks of the bad habits of this industry.

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