Namely because of a deviating CTR. Whether CTR is an SEO ranking factor still remains an active topic of discussion . But everything points to CTR having an influence. And the page title has a strong influence on the CTR. Also read: Higher place in Google? This is how Benin Phone Number you write page titles & meta descriptions Lower CTR? Consider an adjustment When you get a noticeably lower CTR, it’s worth considering an adjustment. We know that Google now mainly shows the H1 headline of a page as the title in the search results.

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Case and they saw a strong drop in their CTR and therefore in traffic. The solution they chose was to rewrite their H1 headline. And that brought the CTR and traffic back to the old level for them. It is therefore important not to just change your page title, but in this case the H1 headline. Because an adjustment of your page title can directly affect your rankings. In my experience, a deviating CTR does not have a direct impact on your rankings, but of course, nobody wants a lower CTR and less traffic with an unchanged ranking. Online marketing: the trends & tips for the second half of 2021 The online training Content Marketing & Storytelling will start on 11 May.

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Tineke Pauw from Frankwatching 10.1k August 16, 2021 at 08:00 8 minutes of reading What are the current important trends and developments for your field? The digital marketing world keeps spinning. If you’ve been away for a while, or haven’t been paying attention for a moment, you may have suddenly missed something important. That is why we are happy to update you and we list a number of striking trends and must-reads in this article . For a portion of fresh inspiration and sturdy handles, so that you are completely ready for the race towards 2022. Illustrative photo accompanying article about online.

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