Skullcandy on april 5 announced a yearlong brand campaign centered around music. Authenticity, and self-expression, according to Sweden Phone Number a press release emailed. In addition, To marketing dive. “find your frequency” will feature one theme — or “frequency” — each month. Including connection, expression, creativity, and play, and spotlight each through. Social content, music performances, limited-run product debuts, athlete. Collaborations, and links to Sweden Phone Number community causes. In addition, The headphone brand is highlighting the theme of connection in april. With fresh content around how relationships. With oneself, others, and the planet support creativity. Each month, select musicians will release full-length music videos and behind-the-scenes content to bring the campaign’s themes to life. Ambassador partnerships and collaborations with brands like Budweiser and Pit Viper round out the effort.

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Across instagram, tiktok, youtube, twitter, and facebook. After that, Dive insight: skullcandy is introducing a yearlong roadmap of content. With “find your frequency.” living mostly on social media, the headphone brand’s campaign employs more. Storytelling and brand-building tactics compared with past efforts’. Similarly, Focused on product marketing. After that, The Sweden Phone Number new approach may appeal to consumers seeking out deeper. Interactions with their favorite brands, while also providing skullcandy. Multiple avenues to connect with fans on social channels they already frequent. Similarly, Centering the Sweden Phone Number campaign around music is a natural alignment. For the headphone brand, which earlier this year teamed with budweiser and. Sunglass line pit viper on limited-edition product collaborations. In conclusion, That extended skullcandy’s partnership portfolio beyond audio-centric brands.

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Continues skullcandy’s use of ambassadors. In conclusion, Ranging from musicians and artists to Sweden Phone Number athletes and advocates. Ambassadors including zeb powell, vasu sojitra, marbie miller, and hannah eddy will. Use social content and personal interviews to share what. Most importantly, It means to tune into their frequencies and live out their dreams.“frequency isn’t just about sound, it’s about tuning into your passions. Goals, and relationships to better understand the personal truths. That guide your behavior, outlook on the Sweden Phone Number world, and your place in it,”. Jessica klodnicki, skullcandy chief marketing officer, said in the press release. Most importantly, “we know our consumers, particularly gen z, are inspired by multifaceted. Personalities and perspectives as they work to tune in and dial-up their unique frequencies.

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