Because Google is a bit like everyone’s big brother on the web (no I didn’t say Big Brother ‘), the Costa Rica Email List giant has been answering questions from web professionals for two years now on its Google Web Master Central Youtube channel .

One of the latest questions is, “If you are SEO for a large corporation, what should you include in your 2011 strategy?” ” Matt Cutts , head of the Google anti-spam team and influential blogger with the SEO community, answers this question in the original, unsubtitled version and presents, according to him, the 3 main points to integrate into any SEO strategy:

Optimize The Speed Of The Site:

The more the latency is reduced, the more Internet users explore the pages, make purchases and stay on the site for a long time. According to many studies this would be an important factor in the results of the site on the search engines. 2: Have control of the site’s content management system or CMS (Content Management System):

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This requires training internal teams to enable them to understand the importance of SEO, for example to optimize internal links to the site. Today, SxSW has become a unique place of meeting and fusion ‘. There are the wise (the educational uses of augmented reality), terrifying (the weapons of the future imagined by US Army researchers) or conceptual debates (the influence of the Mayan civilization on the Internet over the next decade). ) ”

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing:

Use the power of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to reach a larger audience. The information shared on these networks may be taken up by bloggers or other sites which may thus create links to your site.

This advice is simple enough at first glance, but yet very important: having a fast site, quality content and very good social media management are the key to success for any website. At 50A, it’s been a long time since we became aware of this when talking about visibility , but if it’s Google who says it …

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