The SEO is the art of positioning in the first results of Google: on the first page, in first place! It is a set of optimizations and prerequisites (HTML, text …) which will Belarus Email List the visibility of your site or your page in search engines, which will allow a better understanding of the content of your pages by search engines .

Completely. Today the ways of working have changed. Beyond the advent of the Internet, it is mobile uses that are revolutionizing businesses. Now people have access to the internet anytime and anywhere and they use specific online tools like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs etc. which are the best in their fields. They do not have a single computer, they have several and above all they work with tablets and phones, on the go. Bunkr is in this line of SaaS tools that adapt to realities and help companies work better.

Why Is This Mandatory? What Is My Interest In Sculpting My Seo?

“It has been shown several times that Internet users rarely go to the second page. ” It is therefore important to properly reference your keywords to find yourself on the first page and face your competitors! You have to be visible! ” It is one of the first ways for you to find new customers and generate sales.

Belarus Email List

In addition, it will be used for several parts of the business: for the commercial development part. for communication through e-reputation : the keywords that correspond to your activity, and, in priority, the fact of finding you directly when you type the name of your company in Google. for the human resources part: by being well positioned in Google, you will undoubtedly have more answers regarding your job or internship searches

“Social Media Are Sources Of Traffic”

What also works is popularity, which is the number of links that point to your site or page. This ranges from the number of clicks, to checks in and mentions, ratings and reviews, and content generated by Internet users.

Today, search engines like links that come from
social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…). Social media are sources of traffic and Google takes these media indicators into account in its algorithms. It is therefore beneficial for you to promote your content on its pages for better indexing. The “likes”, the number of fans, the number of “shares” will have an impact on the weight of the links. The architecture of your site is also a point that should not be overlooked. If it meets validation and quality criteria, this will optimize positioning.

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