SEO is above all a matter of technology, contrary to what one might think, and it was Jean-Louis Kalala who demonstrated it to me. I blissfully Switzerland WhatsApp Number List that technology, that’s what we hear over and over again, didn’t matter anymore . SEO is above all a matter of technology. Certainly, intuitively, I suspected a little to the contrary. We keep part of our site (the one dedicated to our offers and our agency ) on a separate hosting with pages developed in Html5 on Dreamweaver.

SEO: proof of the importance of technology on SEO
In just two days, the SEO of a website we were working on with Jean-Louis Kalala took shape, just working on the technology and especially the DNS and domain name – the backbone of a website – and a configuration error made a few years ago (note: there are many more technical parameters than that).
Despite the sneers (“you still use Dreamweaver !!! ??) we found that the display and speed tests are unbeatable. Without having to install any complicated plugins (around 10x faster).

Seo: Even With Great Content, A Technical Error Can Kill You

Here too we can achieve very good results, but only if you spend a lot of time optimizing and configuring fairly complex plug-ins. The technique is therefore very important in SEO , unlike what one might think. A bad choice and you’re in the water, even with great content. The mishap happened not long ago on a site I worked on. When the domain name of this site was paused by Google robots due to a stupid configuration error .

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Impossible even to go up the chain as the most seasoned SEO experts who had looked at this site in recent years had each added their level of complexity. All this without seeing the obvious: two domain names on the same site with different IPs and boom! Goodbye to the work applied despite the quality of the content, the quality of the links, references, etc. SEOI met J ean-Louis Kalala not long ago, at Spaces Bonne Nouvelle where Visionary Marketing took up residence in September. He is a web pioneer and the founder of an agency called Digital Business Connect .

Seo: It All Starts With The Domain Name

Start with the domain name and don’t neglect the technology. Once that IP thing was sorted out (something less easy than it looks on a 25 year old site!) SEO started to come back very quickly. Until showing positions 1 or 2 on certain requests (see image above).

It has been almost twenty years today that I have been working in digital marketing, more specifically in the technical field, and the optimization of websites. The B2B website is the digital showcase for your business. This is the easiest and most efficient way … , to bring them up to SEO standards. Here is the transcript of my interview with Jean-Louis on the subject of SEO:

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