What are your most valuable and profitable activities, contacts, opportunities, hours of the day, etc.?

Bottom line: make an intentional effort to discover what drives your sales and productivity more than anything else, and focus the majority of your time and effort on it.

It sounds so simple, yet few know when, how and where to direct their attention. The power of concentration is not available to everyone, but it is an essential requirement when it comes to activating the “double traction”.

6.- Take massive actions.-

Ordinary activities only achieve ordinary results. Go from USA Phone Number doing what everyone else does and become obsessed with taking a myriad of actions in each critical area of ​​the process. Instead of making an average number of phone calls and emails, think about how to be more efficient by taking massive action.

Apply the 10 X rule . This is what generates coherence with what is described in points 2 and 4.

The 10X Rule is challenging. This is possibly the best way to explain it. A transformative challenge in terms of order and productivity. Ambitious goals condition plans and actions. Everything is multiplied by 10. And in that process the overall performance is optimized.

When the right actions are applied, the volume is right, and persistence is added, goals are never the problem.

New setbacks are new opportunities. Many new setbacks are “many” new opportunities. This is the result of activating “mass actions” to achieve ambitious goals.

Always move forward and sell.-

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Treat every situation as an opportunity to move forward, expand, improve, and produce more results. Understand that there is always a reason to improve and move on.

Chances are the better it is, the more people will hate it and try to bring it down. Expect controversies and obstacles to be thrown in your way, but use all of that as fuel to stoke your fire.

On the other hand, what happens when things go from strength to strength? Well, use these situations to build momentum.

The point is that each stage you are in is a natural excuse to move forward.

Possibly the latter is the best result of mastering the technique of activating the “professional double traction” when it is pertinent: creating a mentality that guides you to always move forward, regardless of context and circumstances.

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