In May 2020, Google Chile WhatsApp Number List a big blow by announcing the rollout of the Core Web Vitals program , which introduces user experience as a positioning factor for SEO. This project is based on the loading time, the interactivity and the visual stability of the content of the page. User experience is therefore taken into account to calculate the organic visibility of your web pages. Introduction to technical SEO Technical SEO is a very broad subject. The main goal of technical SEO is to make sure that search engines can easily find and crawl all of the pages on your website.

But in recent years, technical SEO has broadened to include topics like site load speed , mobile optimization, and more. To be fair, most site owners don’t need to worry that much about technical SEO (especially if your site is running WordPress). But that doesn’t mean you should ignore this aspect of SEO entirely. One wrong move and your entire site could be deindexed. That being said, here’s how to optimize the technical performance of your site without any coding knowledge. Verify your site with the Google Search Console The Webmaster is a dashboard of the health and performance of your site in Google. FYI: Bing has its own version of this tool called Bing Webmaster Tools .

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Be sure that: Your URL structure is consistent. This way Google knows which category your pages are in. For example, if you have a category URL like, make sure that all pages relating to T-shirts fall under this category: keywords in your URLs without doing Keyword Stuffing. Just make sure your target keyword appears once in your URL. For example: Avoid URLs that are too long and unreadable. Shorter URLs tend to rank better in Google. length-url-and-position-google seo The question you should ask yourself is: Should you go back and change your existing URLs? It is obviously up to you to decide. But we usually recommend that people leave their URLs in place so they don’t lose the SEO authority they’ve built up.


Instead, focus on creating simple, readable and optimized URLs for your Internet users for your future pages. If you do decide to optimize your old URLs, however, be sure to redirect the old pages to the new URLs via 301 redirects. And if this new structure results in multiple pages with similar content, implement canonical tags . Measure and optimize the speed of your pages A website made up of pages that load slowly is not ideal for the comfort of visitors and for your SEO. In 2018, Google announced a new “Speed ​​Update” : an algorithm update indicating that the speed of loading pages on mobile represented a positioning factor taken into account for the referencing of sites. ad-google-speed-mobile-page seo .

See How Many Pages Are Being Indexed

Fortunately, Google isn’t leaving you in the dark when it comes to analyzing your load time, as the California-based company has launched a mobile and desktop load time measurement tool called PageSpeed ​​Insights . google-page-speed-insights seo The tool allows you to enter the address of your page in order to provide you with a performance score out of 100 of your load time. example-page-speed-insights-agency-90 seo As well as a series of measures you can take to improve your loading time. tips-page-speed-insights-google seo As you can see, we have some optimizations to implement Note also that the analysis of the speed of your pages on computer and mobile is also accessible directly in Search Console in the “Improvements” section.

speed-page-search-console seo Tip: Systematically reduce the weight of your images. Before uploading an image to your web page, please optimize it by reducing its weight. To do this : Put it in JPEG or WebP format. Use online image optimizers like and TinyPNG Set up Lazy Loading on your site. Switch to HTTPS Google gives a slight advantage in search results for websites that are secured over HTTPS. According to Moz , 93.6% of first page results are secured with HTTPS encryption. And the Google Chrome browser displays a warning for all pages still served by the HTTP protocol.

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