The merger of marketing and sales departments in B2B companies aims to improve … alignment is double-sided. Here is the second step, that of the salespeople. Not long ago, I gave advice to marketers on Vietnam WhatsApp Number List to work better with salespeople to be effective. In a way, and to sum it up, I recommended to our marketer friends to put themselves in the shoes (a kind of “Live my life”) of salespeople to really understand what was on their mind and how to work better with them.

In this second part, I reverse the proposition and put myself in the seller’s shoes to try to imagine what the marketing could do for them . Sales alignment: advice for salespeople to work better with marketers. I thus suggest that they look at the marketer in a different way and I say to myself, if I was still a salesperson and assuming that I know marketing well, how could I take advantage of these fellows there to better earn my commission?

Sales Alignment: Can Marketing And Sales Really Work Together?

To quote Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist of Bridge Group: “Sales / marketing alignment has always been a problem. This is one of the most serious problems in the business world, and it always has been. Everyone thinks it’s a people business, but it’s actually looking at the problem from the wrong angle. Because who cares if they like each other? It’s just a matter of shared goals. ”

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Tips for sellers to work better with marketers and sell more Marketing as seen by salespeople is not necessarily the firmament of excellence that we, professionals in the profession, would like it to be. Certainly, I deplore it, but nothing helps. It would probably be unfair not to give us a hug for trying to improve our image, and it goes without saying that not everyone should be put in the same basket. But the language tics, bad habits, and bad reflexes of some of us, as Mark Schaefer rightly points out , got the better of our most meritorious efforts.

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Speaking of sales development, you might as well read the Touch & Sell book on the subject, it is teeming with trends and testimonials. Speaking of sales development, you might as well read the Touch & Sell book on the subject, it is teeming with trends and testimonials. Understandably, salespeople don’t always have a good opinion of us . I suggest that they overcome the clichés, and make the necessary effort for better cooperation, which also works to their advantage.

Here is my analysis and advice for salespeople to work better with marketers and benefit from their knowledge, their goodwill and the help they can give you in achieving your goals. The marketer seen by sellers: can do better I find the way that marketers see sellers, overall, quite disappointing. Following the publication of my last post, I received a comment that pointed out that I was exaggerating or that I had missed a remarkable evolution of homo commercialis, but the comment in question was quickly contradicted by d other testimonies in the opposite direction.

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