According to the Financial Times, Apple is preparing a new software platform that will Argentina Email Database your iPhone or tablet into a remote control for lighting, alarm systems and many other household appliances. The Cuppertino firm could announce this launch on June 2 in San Francisco during its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

Apple plans to integrate into its ecosystem other producers of connected devices that will be certified to work with IOS and marketed in Apple Stores. According to the same source, the Cupertino company would use its geolocation technology iBeacon and will probably focus on the defense of privacy.

A Brawled Market

Apple will not be alone in a battle where the giants are already positioned. A market estimated by Cisco at more than 50 billion USD in 2020. Let us remember Google which bought the thermostats manufacturer Nest last January, Samsung and its “ Smart Home ” application,… not to mention Wiser the management box. energy offered in France by Schneider Electric!

Argentina Email Database

Our main objective is user loyalty because by nature, the support is viral. If you create a presentation it is to show it to 1, 10, 100 people. So the user, if he completes his presentation, will be a Bunkr ambassador and initiate word of mouth.

And Then Obviously We Also Work On Pr, Animation Of Social Networks Etc.

Otherwise, since the content of Bunkr presentations comes from third-party applications, the more users we have, the easier it will be for us to chat live with these applications. So that they offer, for example, a function “integrate this graphic into Bunkr”, which will allow us to recruit users in their bases.

After, loyalty level, we use an integrated “customer relationship” tool called Intercom, which allows us to communicate very easily with users in real time. We are also developing tutorials with concrete examples, and soon specialized webinars for specific business uses. The idea is really to have a quality relationship with the users to take them to the end of the experience and that they get used to using Bunkr rather than other tools.

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