In addition, the system is built in such a way that a website is fully responsive in no time at all – on smartphone, tablet and desktop your website will have a nice, accessible look and feel. Today it even has apps in the PlayStore and Appstore to edit or publish content directly and easily with your mobile phone.

Extensive library of plugins

WordPress also has more than 55,000 plug-ins, links with other (commonly used corporate) software and, if used properly, is watertight when it comes to security and privacy. The latter needs some explanation. Because do a little Google search and you will be surprised what nonsense is being spread about the security of the system. Screaming headlines that suggest a cheese hole turn out to be based on errors from the system administration nine times out of ten, but not from the system itself. And so we now move on to Misconception 2.

Misconception 2: WordPress is not secure

The cause of hacks is often that a site has not been updated or has been insufficiently updated. Simply put, the site runs on outdated versions of WordPress or its plugins. WordPress CEO Email Addresses itself closely tracks version usage statistics : only 38.8 percent of all WordPress sites run on the latest version of the system. A bad thing.

CEO Email Lists

The pros and cons of plugins

The same goes for plugins. One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that sizable plugin library. A solution has already been devised for just about every conceivable feature. Plug-ins are built by external parties in order to build in a certain functionality. Think, for example, of a plugin to improve your SEO or a way to display images in a stylish way. The number of plugins is growing day by day. The counter now stands at more than 55 thousand.

But plug-ins also have a disadvantage: precisely because enthusiasts make them, they do not always work well. Or a builder simply decides to stop further development. If a hacker knows how to get into that outdated or poorly secured plug-in, then the turnips are done. Research shows that more than 80 percent of all hackers enter through old or moderately secure plug-ins. At wpscan com you will find even more live statistics.

It is therefore important to update continuously and to constantly monitor the (proper functioning of) plug-ins. Keep a good eye on this by a system administrator, then there is a good chance that a website is (more than) safe.

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