Reputation is one of the key factors in defining success or failure. It doesn’t matter if you offer a high-quality product or service: if the user experience isn’t of a high-level standard, consumers won’t stick with it.

Interactive content allows the audience to be part of the process. They provide multiple possibilities to explore and generate value through what matters most to them. And that’s a powerful way to increase interest in what you’re offering.

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How I Increased Conversions on Ion by 431% in Just Two Months
So here we are where it matters most: how did I actually increase Ion Buyer Persona Generator conversions by 431% in two months? Here are my two tips before continuing:

If you’re already an Ion user, take what resonates with you and apply it to Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List your experiences on the platform.
but, if you are not yet an Ion user, I recommend that you stop wasting time and opportunities with only static content and look for more information.
What is the Buyer Persona Generator?
You should know that having a Buyer Persona works as a compass to achieve relevance and coherence in strategies and approaches, right? But the buyer persona cannot be just a bunch of meaningless information. It has to make sense to those you are trying to communicate with.

So With That in Mind, Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List

Our marketing team created the Buyer Persona Generator in April 2020: a beautifully designed interactive experience powered by Ion.

A select number of form fields were chosen to fill multiple market segments in a very flexible and versatile way. There were even open spaces in case the user wanted to add more details.

At the end of the experience, the user had access to the complete buyer persona, with an illustration image and everything. We even offered the ability to download it as a PDF file!

What was it like before optimization?
This is what the Buyer Persona Generator home page looked like.

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