Instagram recently announced its brand new option . It is now possible to offer Denmark Email List posts that redirect the user to a professional WhatsApp messaging . The aim is to encourage users to get in touch with companies. How does this new functionality work and how to use it well? We take stock.

Why boost Instagram posts to redirect on WhatsApp?
By getting Instagram users to go to your work WhatsApp account, you can reach more people and increase your conversions with more personalized messaging and contact. In the idea, companies can add a call-to-action on their Instagram post to redirect users to their professional WhatsApp and thus facilitate contact .

How Do I Send A Sponsored Instagram Post Back To Whatsapp?

The process for making a post that redirects to a WhatsApp account is quite simple. On your Instagram profile, click Edit . In Communication options , tap WhatsApp phone number to add your work WhatsApp account. Then all you have to do is select the WhatsApp post you want to sponsor by clicking on Boost post . Once done, all you have to do is choose More Message and select WhatsApp , add an audience, budget, duration and Create your ad .

Denmark Email List

In 2017, Instagram therefore implemented its algorithm. Its purpose is to offer the Internet user the content most likely to please him. Long remained a mystery, the Instagram algorithm is starting to reveal some of its secrets… Focus on how the Instagram algorithm works. First of all, the Instagram algorithm adapts to each type of content. Thus, it will not rank the Stories and the Explore tab according to the same criteria. This is explained by the fact that the Internet user does not use the content for the same reasons. If a Story above all allows you to stay in touch with loved ones, the Explore tab will have more of an entertainment function.

Restore The Bond Of Trust And Proximity With Users Through Social Networks

Instagram also clarified that this feature was added based on user behavior. The latter tended to create ads that directed to a WhatsApp account using a third-party link. In a context where companies are looking to build a close relationship with their community, redirecting to a WhatsApp account is an interesting option to use. Indeed, with the growing number of brands, advertisements and mistrust of users continues to increase, the opportunity to re-establish contact, to create spaces for discussion and personalize their messages with consumers resets trust and human contact.

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