Google Search Console data. In addition to allowing you to compare the titles, you also check whether the keyword occurs in the title or meta description. I haven’t ventured into this yet, so I can’t show you anything about it just yet, but this can of course be a very powerful and scalable solution. 4. Paid Tools You can of course also check your page titles with the Belize Phone Number well-known paid tools, such as Semrush, Sistrix or Ahrefs. Search Engine Land listed 4 paid tools, but I myself am a fan of Sistrix in this case. You can easily print out an overview of your page titles on 2 dates per site. In this example the page title just before.

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Outcome Sistrix tool that checks which page titles Google has rewritten With the colors red and green you can immediately see for several pages whether a change has taken place and, if so, which words have been removed (red) and added (green). Bonus: Free Bookmarklet for Sistrix If you use Sistrix, this bookmarklet makes checking page titles very easy. With one push of a button you go straight to the Title report in Sistrix, where August 16 is compared with August 25.

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You may want to change that to Google is rewriting my page titles, now what? Ok, through the above or other tools you have discovered that Google rewrites your page titles. Do you have to do something now? New. At first I would do nothing and wait. Because Google still looks at the original HTML page title that you enter yourself and uses this for your rankings. Adjusting your page title yourself could therefore influence your rankings. But, indirectly, a page title rewritten by Google can have.

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