New Year New Life. A new year begins and with it we write our list of resolutions. A tradition that is true for both personal life and business. And it is that the change of year means the closing of a cycle and the beginning of another. Therefore, it is a good time for reflection, planning and setting new goals. But what happens many times? That day to day comes upon us and we end up leaving aside the things we wanted to improve. That is why in this first post of the year we want to take some time to reflect on what you need to have in order for you to achieve all those goals that you have set for yourself with your business for this year. Do you already have a plan? Chances are you do (especially since we’ve already talked about how important it is), but I had to ask.

A plan must be as detailed as possible and must be aligned with the marketing strategy , since in the end, the marketing plan is the means to achieve the goals of that strategy. What should that marketing plan include? An analysis of the market. A compilation of the current state of your industry and market trends for the coming months. What Belize Phone Numbers innovations have there been recently? Also research the customers in that industry, their demographics, etc. This will be the starting point for the next section. Your target market. Define as clearly as possible who you want to address. On the one hand, it is important that you have clear demographic, geographic, etc. data. but also their consumption habits, motivations and behaviors, especially in the online environment. The positioning of your brand. This is about knowing how people in this target market perceive your brand or product.

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Are they perceiving the same thing that you think you are showing? All of this information is key to crafting marketing messages. Competitors. Find out what your competitors have been doing recently and what their position is within your target market. This can give you ideas on how to reach these people. tactics. Ok, now you have all the information of the panorama. In addition, you know what you have done to date and what you have to improve. With all this information, analyze what actions you want to take: social networks, email marketing, participation in events, discount campaigns, online advertising. Organize all your actions month by month so that you have time to prepare your campaigns properly. Budget. Make sure that you have enough budget to execute all the actions you have planned.

The most advisable thing would be to assign estimated amounts to each of the actions of the proposed schedule. Results measurement. No plan would be complete if we didn’t define how we will know if we were successful. Determine the metrics that will show the overall success of your marketing plan: customers gained, dollars sold, etc. And remember to set a realistic goal for each of these metrics. Having defined metrics will allow us to know if we are on the right track or if we need to correct. More on how to create a specific social media marketing plan here.

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Do you know the trends of the moment? The truth is that this section enters as a subtask within your marketing plan, because… how are you going to choose the best actions to promote your brand, if you do not know how your target audience is consuming the information? Social networks change, the ways people search evolve , the use of tools such as mobile phones change the way people act. On the one hand we have changes driven by the platforms themselves, such as the increasing use of video on Facebook and Instagram. And, on the other hand, we have the technological advances in the tools we use, for example, with today’s smartphone we can take better photos than with a camera from 10 years ago.

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