This word removes all obstacles and resistance from your candidate. So it is very powerful to use the word ‘if’ in your job posting. Because what ‘if’ you have found your dream job’?

You can use the word ‘if’ very well to help people remember a role they already fulfill. You can also do this in your vacancy texts. If you are looking for a creative communication advisor, you can directly address this creativity in your vacancy text. ‘As a creative communication consultant, you naturally want all the space you need to give shape to your ideas. You get that space at our organisation/our province’ is a good example of this.

An additional advantage: your vacancy texts help you with the preselection. You address candidates who recognize themselves in the profile you described. And let that be exactly what you are looking for as a recruiter!

Magic with numbers

Numbers can make a vacancy text very concrete. And let’s be honest: we simply cannot ignore the salary within a vacancy text. Research has shown that 78% of job seekers are less likely to apply when the salary is missing in the vacancy text. So you can’t get away with a ‘market-based salary’ for a long time now.

Various studies have shown how sensitive our unconscious brain is to prices. For example, it appears that the use of currency signs can induce price pain in the reader. In our brain, the same part of the brain becomes active as when you hit your thumb with a hammer. Can you feel him already? That’s right, you want to avoid that when you sell a product.

But this actually works the other way around with vacancy texts. In our vacancy texts we talk about an amount that someone receives for the work that is performed. And so it is good to make use of a kind of reverse price pain:

Australia Accountant Email Lists

Make the salary amount literally as large as possible. Not only by stating the maximum salary amount, but also literally in your vacancy text. This means that you do use the Australia Accountant Email Lists currency symbol for salary. In addition, especially use the decimals .00 to literally make the amount as large as possible for the brain.


Use these 3 influencing techniques: social proof, scarcity and mere exposure effect

In addition to concrete words and numbers, there are also 3 important influencing techniques that you can use for your vacancy texts.

We all know the example of travel giant . Each accommodation has an assessment in the form of a score. Under each rating, it is also stated by how many people that accommodation has been rated. We call this social proof. It just works well to let others tell you how they experience something. So let colleagues have their say in your vacancy texts.

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