If I tell you that in 2017 we no longer sell our services as in 1997, I am not Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List you anything, whether you are in Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, or elsewhere! But have your own methods really changed? Are your tools and methods really adapted to current behaviors ? Do not worry, I am offering you a list of dated practices to be banned from tomorrow!

A few (decades) ago, a representative could spend hours on the phone making multiple attempts with the directory to prospect and try to get appointments. Today, if a salesperson tries this approach, not only will they be met with an overwhelming amount of refusals , but they will also damage your company’s reputation . So between the loss of time and notoriety, this practice is quite simply to be erased.

So, How To Do ?

By collecting information provided by visitors and prospects, you have useful data to qualify a potential customer. In addition, certain information makes it possible to evaluate the stage of the prospect’s purchasing process. Very useful to avoid wasting time with a prospect who is in fact not at all ready to use your services! Be careful, I’m not saying that you should stop calling prospects, I just recommend having a good reason to call a lead: create value!

Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List

When a potential buyer has taken an action on your site (subscribing to your blog, downloading a document, etc.), what do you do with it? Do you contact him directly, even if it means rushing the relationship? Do you write it down on the corner of the table and say to yourself “if I wait a few days, it will be more mature”? Obviously, neither of these solutions is effective.

Overselling Its Services / Products

Set up “ lead nurturing ” mechanisms . That is to say, send emails regularly , automatically to your prospects. These are triggered according to scenarios that you will have defined beforehand, adapted to the desired types of customers and to the purchasing journey. Different technical solutions are available, depending on your budget and your ambition, such as Mailchimp (emailing solution) or the Hubspot platform. We favor the latter because it combines CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with the commercial interface. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us !

With face-to-face or phone-only meetings, information is limited between the salesperson and his audience. A salesperson from the 80s or 90s could thus tell what he wanted about the product, even if it meant straying from reality sometimes. Today, digital technology has created “ the common online memory” : all opinions, all the history of a company – in short, reputation – are available free of charge to everyone and forever! To find out what people are saying about your business, your products, your services, just search on Google, on forums, on social networks… There is therefore no point in overselling your products: it will be known. And in addition, Internet users now want to be reassured by looking for information on the Internet before choosing its products.

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