After having addressed the buyer persona and the negative persona in the broad sense, today we will see concretely how the buyer persona intervenes with professional training services. In order to be simple, clear and precise, I will address here 3 aspects that you must ask yourself about when creating your content and thus effectively reach your buyer persona.

Depending on the interests of your buyer persona, you will need to set up a watch. This watch is very important for content creation, because observing and analyzing what is being done elsewhere will allow you to draw inspiration from it and find new ideas. For a training center for example, you will study the sectors in which you want to give training (because you will not provide training in all areas…). In order to better communicate, interact with your target, but also and above all to better sell your services, it is important to know what we are talking about.

How To Create Blog Articles That Will Capture Their Attention?

You have to keep in mind that what will grab the attention of your target is the way you are going to display and tell your content. So you need to structure your blog post around this. Concretely for your training center, here are some ideas of articles likely to interest your target: The 3 advantages of professional training for your employees, How to quickly gain skills thanks to training? Why and how to train your team to boost your business .

The timing of the release is a criterion that is not clearly established from the start. Because, although after having defined the typical day of your persona, the best times to reach them are rather wide time slots. These ranges will be refined in the long term, since you will learn more about your target thanks to social networks, newsletter subscriptions, etc.

Of Technical Skills : Developer

Obviously, there are still a lot of questions that we can ask ourselves in order to know the target as well as possible. Here these are only questions which it is imperative to answer in order to optimize its marketing strategy and thus obtain qualified prospects. We must therefore not neglect the definition of his buyer persona in this case. It then becomes difficult for the internal team to produce regular content and to create or animate the spaces in a sustained manner.

of skills to produce content : graphic designer, editor, videographer, photographer …
the communication-related skills : community manager, specialist or emailing marketing automation ….
of expertise in digital strategy / project management : social media manager, consultant Inbound Marketing, digital project manager …. So, you can either absorb all this know-how internally, or call on a digital marketing or inbound marketing agency to have them at hand if necessary.

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