For the record, Kenya WhatsApp Number List the end of the presidential campaign about twenty authors were working on the emails to send until they fell tiredly on their desks. The data analyzes established subsequently did not show any negative impacts following these growing emails. The British example Another complementary example to that of Obama, the practices followed by some members of the British Parliament who sent up to 10 email campaigns per month to around 12,000 voters in the 2015 elections to achieve an open rate of 28 %. Their secret? The segmentation .

Through polls, candidates and their campaign teams segmented email outings by sending emails personalized according to political opinions to voters in the region with familiar objects. This potentially means that in a household of 4 or 5 people, everyone could receive a tailor-made email based on their opinions. Conclusion email marketing Email, although being an ancestral is still used by the majority of French people. As part of your political campaign, here are the practices to follow to reach and be read by the recipients of your emails: Segment your email list by location, political opinion etc … Write personalized emails Write simple and familiar email subjects Do A / B tests by testing multiple email formats Increase mailing frequency as the ballot approaches .

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Display + Native + Search will converge to build new online advertising solutions that were previously in silos.” Visual search Another trend to watch out for, according to Microsoft, is a search experience fueled by visuals rather than text and links: “We’re addicted to screens and our eyes are looking for a new excitement factor, a factor that takes us beyond links and text, and that is fueled by images… Would it be easy to take a photo of something you want rather than trying to search for it with words? ” For more information, in 2019 we posted an infographic on our blog that looked at the new forms that search results pages could take in the near future.“


Yes, we check status codes before indexing content. In particular, if it’s a 200 status code, it’s like a sign that there is something here that we might be able to index. If it’s a 400 or 500 error, or a redirect, these are obviously things we don’t return. So if you have a really nice 404 page that’s not something we consider for indexing. “These alerts are similar to the Safety Check launched by Facebook in 2014, following the Fukushima disaster and especially known in France through the attacks of November 13. F

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Google has stated on its Google Webmaster Twitter account that the drop in traffic generated by a backlink does not decrease the value of that backlink in its eyes. The initial question was to know if the traffic that a backlink passes to another site decreases, is this backlink losing value in the eyes of Google. Google replied no, that does not diminish the value of that link in terms of the quality signals sent through that link. Here are the tweets in question:a powerful weapon for targeting and reaching out to a qualified audience as closely as possible.

First of all, the creation of your website turns out to be the essential starting point in order to build your digital identity and a communication medium that will be used for all your campaigns on the internet. Then, as we detailed for Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s blog, improving your natural referencing in Google will allow you to work on your e-reputation and optimize your content to appear on keywords corresponding to your identity, the image you want to convey, and the types of Internet users you want to attract to your website. Then, we advise you to combine this SEO strategy, with a communication strategy on social .

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