authentication worth: not much. And yet it is Greece Phone Number List to make an eIDAS qualified signature. What you must do on your project: list the types of document and qualify the riskspertaining to each document. It is according to the qualification of these risks (probability x impact) that you will have to decide to make the “simple” signature, the advanced signature in the eIDAS sense, or the qualified signature. Sometimes a regulation may require you to have this or that type of signature. Do not hesitate to ask the question of circumventing this regulation and in particular if it seems completely delusional in the face of the level of risk.

Indeed, these regulations will sometimes evolve under the pressure of usage and de facto standards. Today 90% of electronically signed documents are “simple” signatures which are neither advanced nor qualified within the meaning of eIDAS. For your project,archived correctly over a sufficient period of time . This may also require keeping logs of certain servers over a longer period of time. Reserve the qualified signature for what is strictly necessary, your users will thank you for it and this can save your project, because a qualified signature on a very limited scope makes it possible not to constrain your entire project for a validation /

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signature type which only represents in volume 1% of your transactions (for example). Mail and file servers The email is an input channel and a working tool that it is illusory to want to completely remove / replace by your GED or GEC project. On the other hand, the mail has many faults on which it is necessary to rely in order to segment your processes. If your dematerialization project includes document processing workflows, the standardization and traceability of these workflows is a major asset when dealing with emails. Likewise, employees are annoyed by constantly receiving emails, or even receiving email notifications. In an EDM


project, all of this is much more segmented and qualified upstream (for example: notification only for urgent documents, etc.).management. , IoT management bricks, IAM management, Big Data, Artificial intelligence, and so on. The computer scientist I knew in the 2000s had to take care of all this, in addition to the project for his client. Today it is all on the shelf. To take an analogy, it’s like having pizza dough, sauce and garnish available in a kit, instead of having raw ingredients: flour, fresh tomatoes, ham … French and European players are emerging, with several years of delay, however. They are called OVH, Scaleway (Free) and

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Outscale (Dassault) to name a few. The services provided are of a much lower level than those of GAFAMs, so it costs more unless you have very large systems, and it takes more time to do the same. Unfortunately for them, we have also received reports of insufficient service, for example servers down for critical services, and put back into operation outside of service commitments. Google is the leader in search engines, advertising, video, and a leader in online collaboration. Microsoft is the leader in office automation and online collaboration, and a leader in IaaS and PaaS hosting. Apple is the market leader in income-

generating applications and, for a time yet, in smartphone, tablet and computer terminals. Amazon is a leading online merchant, and the leader in hosting (IaaS) and value-added services around hosting (PaaS). Facebook is one of the leaders in advertising and social networks. Neither in France nor in Europe do we have any players providing such services at comparable value for money. We have no smartphones, no tablets, no computers, no services as elaborate as GAFAMs. Because they are Americans There is an aura of professionalism and seriousness to anything that comes from the United States. Business Object, a

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