When Nicolas asked me to go to the premises of We Demain to meet François Siegel, I was not very confident, not being a journalist! But 50A trusted me, and Bahrain Email List me the means to carry out this mission while remaining calm. Nice experience, and a very nice meeting.

50A and We Demain want to bring out ideas but also to create a loyal community. We have this will to do, within us. But often, we want to do well, but we never do anything … With the culture of “Home Made”, the development of “Home Brand”, “Home Business” or even “Home Studio” in the audiovisual industry, production becomes affordable. 50A wishes to share this philosophy of going quickly and inexpensively, in order to act better together.

The Contents Of The Magazines Are Born

François Siegel had the idea of ​​creating We Demain following the changes in our company. The idea arose during the 2008 crisis: in addition to the actions of those who are committed to others, our entire society is changing: our way of thinking, of consuming, our relationship to energy and to the economy…
Wishing to tell the story of this revolution we are witnessing, he gradually acquired material to produce a complete magazine: We Demain .

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The profession of the press, according to François Siegel, must tell and feel the changes of the times. Initially, from a website created by their own means, We Demain turned into a magazine.
François Siegel has won his bet. We Tomorrowhas managed to exist in the community of people who are and make the world of tomorrow: from NGOs to companies and major international fairs. With very few advertising resources, existing on social networks and thanks to its site, We Demain attracts a diverse and varied audience.

From The Collaborative Work Of Several Journalists

Smart homes, cars and more broadly connected “routines”, pioneering startups have set the bar very high. Clever mix of hardware / UX design, industrial and marketing know-how are the keys to success in order to position ourselves as quickly as possible in these emerging markets. Material thought to imagine the future of our connected homes !!! No more joking, let’s close this book of anticipation and continue in real life …

And then it is also a way of giving a human side to the “company” Bunkr. As the service is entirely online, it’s a way to show the world that everything is going well, that we are moving well, in the right direction. Show new faces too, here for example, we just welcomed our first American employee!

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