The podcasts have become, or rather again become fashionable. From 2007, it was the Taiwan WhatsApp Number List madness. Apple had done very well with its new applications. And in particular the application of podcasts which was immediately taken over by the historic broadcasts of… France Culture. This is to say that it was elitist.

Podcasts: means of expression and content creation tool
At the time, it was very simple, for those who had an iPhone… for the others, no need to waste time. Over time, podcast files have been more and more hidden inside mobile OS.

Visionary Marketing podcasts: His Marketer’s Voice (HMV)

Moreover, Apple has not shone by its software genius in recent years in this sense. They have been completely overwhelmed by recent developments on all OS with transversal platforms such as Blubrry or Buzzsprout, Castos or even SoundCloud.

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

For Visionary Marketing, which tries to live up to its name, podcasts are an old story . We have been doing it for a very long time, and even had a very intense period in 2013 just before the creation of the company. We then posted them almost every day. Today, the podcast is an integral part of content marketing. It is a tool in its own right, a mode of expression. But also a way of creating content and a total reinvention of the way we do interviews.

Visionary Marketing: Podcasts

We interview a number of experts in order to enhance our articles with multimedia tablets that you can easily find on the Android, Apple and Blubrry podcasting platforms. Please feel free to contact us in case you would like to contribute to this work and be featured on our podcast channel.

You will therefore find our podcasts everywhere with our customers. And also with us where you will find on the page dedicated to this new mode of expression full access on all platforms through the remarkable WordPress plug-in Blubbry Powerpress.

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