As fall approaches, Pinterest reveals the topics that have interested Pinners around the world the most since the start of the year. If the image collection Dominican Republic Email List 
explains that September is usually a “second New Year” which sparks a wave of new projects and resolutions among Internet users, it is obvious that the period they nickname “Back to life” will be very different from previous years.

The impact of the health crisis and containment is strongly felt in Pinterest searches. The trends for 2020 very clearly illustrate a need to refocus on our physical and mental well-being in these confusing times when we feel like everything is slipping away from us.

It is the term “positivity” which observes the greatest growth in its search volume with + 64% over the first two quarters of 2020. This

generic word sets the scene for a world where career and travel projects have been massively replaced by personal development goals.

Generation Z’s Quest For Serenity

The Generation Z frame of reference has been particularly shaken up this year with the closure of schools, the cancellation of national exams for some and a tumultuous entry into the workforce for others. Their research on mental health topics has multiplied by 5.

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We are also seeing innovative ways of managing stress with the emergence of “ASMR food” content ; “Mindful eating” and inspirations to take care of their personal space with “zen bedroom ideas” , “feng shui bedroom furnishings” or even “ indie room” (which could be translated as “alternative bedroom”) whose searches have increased by 15,000%. The confinement has also awakened the souls of artists since “photoshoot ideas” had 56 times more success than the previous year.

Millennials Watch Over Their Homes

Among millennials, parents have shown a quest for inspiration to maintain family well-being at home, especially for children who have undergone drastic change that is often difficult to understand and accept. The phrases “mental health activities for children” , “occupational therapy for children” and “conscious parenting” have all at least doubled their search volume.

In order to maintain a healthy pace of life, many parents have looked for ideas for planning the children’s day and offering them physical activities. The searches “schedule for children at home” and “children’s workout routine” saw increases of 2000% and 5600% respectively.

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