The year 2020 and its health crisis have shaken up the foundations of consumption for brands and buyers alike. As the end of the year holidays Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List 
and its inevitable promotions and buying waves, brands are faced with an unprecedented context and must reinvent their communication. Pinterest delivers its guide for advertisers to adopt the right strategy during these rather special holidays.

Choose the ideal measurement tool for your conversions according to your objective. Pinterest Tag : add a tag to your website code to build your audiences and track your conversions. Measure conversions and discover the in-app performance of your campaigns with Pinterest mobile analytics tools . Upload your web, in-app and offline data to LiveRamp to link your conversions to your campaigns. Submit your transformation information in JSON format to the Pinterest Conversion API. Analyze your Pinterest web, in-app and offline conversions by sending your data as a CSV file to the Ads Manager tool .

Convert Now

Be continuously present on the platform to reach Internet users at the right time. Set u traffic campaigns to arouse the interest of Pinners and build your audiences. Sell several complementary products on a single pin by choosing the “collections” format for your advertisements. Set up your audiences on keywords and interests to optimize your conversions by targeting the Pinners most likely to buy.

Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List

Pinterest unveiled the 6 essential personae on which to base your strategy for this vacation. party planning board The organization expert: Everything must be perfect for the holidays, from the aperitif to the decorations. She is looking for the best ideas to organize the best party. “The early bird”: Plan the festivities before everyone else. The traditionalist: Repeats the same rituals every year for the holiday season but is always looking for something new for her essentials. “The self-gifter” or the one who refuses nothing: The holiday season is the perfect time to take care of yourself and have fun.

Push To Action

Create effective pins based on the 5 dimensions of inspiration . Your pin must match at least 2 of these items: Start with small ad groups . Make sure targeting is applicable to each ad. Otimize your campaigns by replacing the worst performing ads with new ones. Start with high bids to gain appeal and broad targeting.
Pause ads that aren’t meeting your goals. Use a 30/30/1 conversion window .

With these tips, you are now ready to make the most of the holiday season on Pinterest with an optimal marketing strategy! The Newbie Host: Those who will be hosting their first Christmas dinner at home and will be looking for recipes and tips to help them on this adventure. The online shopper: To avoid having to face the influx of stores during the holiday season, he does all his holiday shopping on the Internet.

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