Last November, Pinterest announced the official opening of advertising Latvia Email List allowing all advertisers to use sponsored pins to support French users in their search for ideas to test and products to buy. With its 7.9 million active users in France, Pinterest now offers advertisers an important opportunity to extend their acquisition and conversion strategy on its social network.

To do this, Instagram recommends adding articles to a catalog . In case you have more than one, merge them. You are also strongly advised to fill in all catalog fields such as title, description, availability, prices, delivery method, links and quality eye-catching photos. For the latter, Instagram recommends using at least 4 high resolution photos with at least three attributes (color, size, material, etc.). The tag use is also a good way for customers to find your products quickly. According to internal Instagram data in the United States, use product tags 5 days per monthincreases the number of visits to product pages but also purchases .

Pinterest Offers Many Advertising Formats

More than 3 million ideas are saved every day on Pinterest in the form of pins by French users looking for creative inspiration on various themes: cooking, beauty, interior decoration, fashion, and many more.

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Today, the platform allows French advertisers to communicate and attract new Internet users via sponsored pins located on the home page, in search results or in the “More of this kind” section. In order to achieve your business goals, Pinterest has developed 4 different advertising formats to expand creative possibilities, while targeting either by audience, keyword or area of ​​interest.

Sponsored Video Pins

Video is known to generate strong engagement. The power of the visual is increased tenfold to attract the attention of the visitor during navigation or research. Sponsored videos have been widely used by advertisers since their launch this summer.

Sponsored carousels
This is the same type of format that can be found on Facebook and Instagram. On Pinterest, the advertiser also has the option of integrating up to 5 images. In the dynamic of storytelling, this attractive format for Internet users will allow them to tell a story, but also to have the opportunity to highlight different products.

The Power Of Pinterest To Expand Your Conversion Possibilities

Pinterest makes it possible to reach with precision a large panel of intentionists still in the consideration phase. Indeed, it has been proven according to the statistics of the international tool that 93% of “pinners” use the platform to forecast their purchases, when 87% of them have already made a purchase through Pinterest. Also, 50% of individuals who received an impression of a sponsored pin made a purchase on the brand’s site. Finally, more than 67% of users say they have discovered a new brand or a new product thanks to commercial content.

The only observation: by working your targeting with precision, the possibilities of considerably improving your notoriety and developing your conversions are very interesting.
Do you want to reach Internet users in France with your advertising campaigns on Pinterest? Want to start using ad formats on Pinterest? Do not hesitate to contact one of our Orixa Media experts to support you in your Social Ads strategy.

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