Pinterest is opening up more and more to advertisers
Earlier this month, Pinterest announced the availability of new shopping Kazakhstan Email List , as well as new advertising solutions for advertisers. The objective: to allow brands to highlight more products and facilitate the act of purchasing for users.

Finally, Showcase makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure video advertising campaigns targeting audiences 18 and older , using the same processes used by buyers of premium video and TV ads. It is possible for advertisers to reserve their inventory upfront, at a fixed price, guaranteed against Nielsen demographics and delivered with a managed service from Facebook.

Focus On New Purchasing Features

Shop a brand This is a new feature which is currently being rolled out, and which will be available under a brand pin. Concretely, it gives access to several similar products of the advertiser by clicking on the button “More from [The brand]”.

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Personalized shopping recommendations
Pinterest will offer selections of products available in stock on certain categories of pins such as fashion, home, beauty. How it works: by clicking on the “More ideas” button, the user is as usual directed to a feed offering many sources of inspiration. In addition to this functionality, a new “Shop” button is now available to present products available on the desired theme.

The Catalog

Pinterest gives brands the ability to download their entire catalog to the platform. Each product is put online in the form of a dynamic pin which facilitates the purchasing possibilities by referring the Internet user to the merchant site. Most ? This new feature is accompanied by a new dashboard for brands to more easily manage the different Pins.

Shopping Ads
Ads are now available to all advertisers on Pinterest in Ads Manager. You can thus promote the pine of your choice on the platform. However, you will first need to download your catalog on the platform. Shopping Search With all these new product pins available, Pinterest has decided to make it easier for users to access and to simplify the shopping experience through the platform. Brands can thus filter the results of a search to bring up only product pins. The option is accessible in the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar.

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