Perspectives is our new publication, we put our best texts there and in addition we put pretty photographs there (well we find them pretty Thailand WhatsApp Number List it is us who made them, it is a little biased, but oh so sincere) . At Visionary Marketing we don’t just like photos, we love the tech world . A little, a lot and even passionately.

Perspectives: a publication to decode tech and go further
But the more we love, the more we are demanding . So from time to time we push a rant here and there and we rebel. We search, we decipher and we cross the information. Because the more information there is, the more content there is, the more information we need. You noted, no encoding, but decoding. Let’s put

Seo Is Above All A Matter Of Technology

And that’s why our readership has followed us for so long. We created this site in 1996 . Now you understand that Visionary Marketing is not an empty name. Since 2004, the platform, but above all the rate of publication, has accelerated. In 2014, the Visionary Marketing agency was created and many content projects were carried out with our clients (more than 80 during our first six years ).

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This year 2019 marks a turning point. In 2020, Visionary Marketing will become a real media site. In fact it already is, but it was still necessary to mark the occasion and have it officially recognized as such. It is now in progress. With Perspectives , we are giving a new impetus to our information site on marketing andinnovation. Innovation ranges from understanding (intuitive or not) of buyer’s behavior to the ability to …

How To Read Perspectives?

You can easily grab Perspectives and put it right now on your e- reader , if you’re not afraid of cutting down trees, print it on the office printer. Happy reading and see you soon for a new issue and new announcements that will not fail to follow one another in 2020 with, in particular, a partnership that we are currently developing with a friend site, with great news and services. which will be proposed around him.

We hear here and there that technology is no longer of great importance, especially when it comes to the creation of websites that would have become commodities. Is it true? It is true that today, creating a website is very easy. With CMS like WIX or Hubside , you can, without knowing the HTML code, create your website and upload content. This is true.

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