You have clients, fine. But do you really know who they are, what they like, how they spend their days? And above all, what are their expectations , the Guadeloupe Email List they encounter, or the objectives they wish to achieve ? If the answer is no, then you should seriously consider the question of personas. A persona, or buyers persona (=) is a robot portrait of your ideal customer. The persona focuses on the demographic elements of the individual (age, sex, etc.), but also on their centers of interest, their life goals and their fears.

More than just describing your typical customer, it’s really about understanding what your prospects think and feel when they think about their issues. Your persona can be any shape you want, but overall it’s an information sheet, ideally written down as sentences. Several fields are present, and depend on the level of detail you want to provide, and also on your needs:

What Is It For?

The persona has a central role in your inbound marketing and content marketing strategy: once you have a well-built and complete persona, you can then align your marketing efforts with their expectations.

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Provide adapted content
Your personas are asking questions, have personal or professional challenges to meet, have goals to achieve. So plan content that goes in this direction! We can never insist enough on the quality of content and its importance in digital marketing. What types of content will you tell me? Simply blog posts, social media posts, videos, webinars, downloadable white papers, etc. The information noted in the persona sheet are therefore sources of subjects for your future publications.

How To Create A Buyer Persona?

Conduct interviews To build a buyer persona, it is necessary to go through surveys with real customers . Select a representative panel of your ideal client, the one you want to work with, then ask a few questions: Use the right supports. By understanding the sources of information they use for information, you will know where to publish your content (social networks, specialized blogs, press, etc.).

Tip: You can also imagine a collaboration with a partner. Choose an entity that your persona appreciates and in whom he trusts, then create a common offer (conference, video interview, etc.). This will allow you to enter into a relationship of trust with your prospects. Improve the visibility of your site
Buyers personas are also used to list keywords by your prospects. By rating them and integrating them well in your content and on your site, you can improve your SEO : your site and your blog posts will stand out well on Google when your potential customers type their problems on the search engine.

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