We have already mentioned the use of video inmarketing studies
The quantitative questionnaire (or survey) is a method of market research that is part of …
, let’s see today the place of personalized video in customer relations . How many of us Mongolia Email List our online customer space after taking out a contract with an energy supplier or an insurer? Very little in fact. The activation rate is between 20 and 35% , we reveal Alex Chinon , company founder VIDATA , which offers solutions for personalized videos to its service companies customers.

The third factor is the algorithm. It’s LinkedIn’s best-kept secret. We can’t do anything with it. So you only have the other two elements left. There is some information circulating that LinkedIn doesn’t think highly of shares because they see it as content duplication, not marketing. Posted content re-shared by employees may get limited additional views, whereas if you only liked or commented on it, LinkedIn will show it to fewer people. Say we have an employee who just re-shares third-party content and does nothing else.

Personalized Video, Accelerator Of Customer Relations In The Service

There are millions of us, but each of us wants to be served individually. Personalized video allows this and makes customer relations closer and more human, explained Alex Chinon from Vidata. And the results are there: + 20% more quotes among other figures. Give and you will receive, this is the motto of commerce!

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Personalized video accelerates customer relations
While the digitalization of customer relations is already an old story, the provision of digital tools to make life easier for the end customer, and in particular online spaces, seems banal and yet appearances are deceptive. These spaces are in fact very little activated. Perhaps they are experienced as one more tool or too much, it depends, not to mention the hundred-thousandth password that you will have to remember by heart without ever succeeding of course!

Personalized Video Solves These Problems

The 1st use case Bienvenue or Welcome Process aims to welcome new customers, but also to present the advantages and benefits of using the online space and how to activate it. Service companies are going to send an email today for this. Welcome emails won’t necessarily be opened, and when they are opened they are very rarely read to the end, let alone understood.

The advantages are not necessarily assimilated. In this use case, Vidata offers its customers to send an email with a personalized video, distilling this discourse, which is much more powerful and educational. This video, which arrives when the user really needs to watch it, increases the activation rate of customer areas. We observed on this use case for a panel of 18 customers, an increase rate of online space activations between + 22 and + 48%

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