And if the initial viewer clicks but never shares, your post won’t spread. That is the secret of clickbait, optimizing your headlines will not make your posts more valuable. Of course, optimizing your headlines is still a valuable exercise, but don’t forget that part of the clickbait equation is value. SEO Let’s move on to SEO, one of the main ways to get traffic on the web. Not everyone will want to seek SEO traffic, and that’s okay. But even though you may not want to focus your activities on SEO, you still need to do some SEO. You’ll need to do some keyword research to find keywords that are of interest to your audience, some content optimization so that it doesn’t at least hurt your natural link profile.

Here are some big mistakes you can make with SEO. Unnatural Link Profiles – Massive Amounts of Links Purchased It is still a prominent SEO strategy to buy links to your website on other websites. And in the short term, these might still work. You can still find at least some success with buying links from shady SEO companies; in the short term, you can get more traffic. But: at some point, they will backfire. Google may simply downgrade you or even remove you from their index. I have seen this happen. A better approach to link building is to do it manually: provide guest posts to bloggers, answer questions, etc.

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Which is taught by top SEOs like Neil Patel, for example, still works. The reason it is better than buying links is that Google looks for natural link profiles. Organically growing sites that build their audience relative to their backlinks. More web traffic – Unnatural links This image was taken from a Greece phone number case study at Cognitive SEO 8. Expect your SEO to do itself Some people still believe that creating web content should be all you need to do for SEO. Well, that might have been true in the early days of Google, but even back then it was still beneficial to do some SEO manually. Nowadays, doing keyword research for your content, building some backlinks, and optimizing your content is necessary if you really want to claim to be active in SEO.

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Spam bloggers with link requests So, have we established that you need to link build manually? Well, the solution to that problem is not as simple as the following: Add a large list of blogs Send a mass email to all these bloggers with the request to link to your site Get some links to your blog. The Social Ms is a social media blog; however, I have received emails telling me “since your site is about financial products” we should link to a specific piece of content about binary options… WTF? Do not do that. You won’t get more web traffic, just a bad reputation. If you want bloggers to link to you, you can. You just have to offer something in return.

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On specific blogs is to write guest posts, for example. Now let’s move on to the third pillar of online marketing: content marketing. Content marketing is the art of creating content that is valuable to your audience and in doing so, building your brand. Content marketing is a great strategy when executed correctly. But there are also many things that can turn bitter. If I had a dime for everyone who’s ever told me that content marketing “doesn’t work for them,” I’d be rich. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can happen in content marketing. Confusing content marketing with SEO Some people confuse content marketing with SEO.

Causing them to create lots of pieces of content that don’t read well, provide little real value, but are “optimized” for lots of keywords. These pieces of content never do well in SEO, even search engines measure how well an audience reacts to a piece of content. When you do that, it shows that you have completely misunderstood the concept of content marketing: content marketing is not there to help your SEO, content marketing is there to create valuable content that will make your audience love you. SEO is there to make your already valuable traffic more visible to search engines. Again: Value = more web traffic. 11.

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