At the moment you see that personalization is becoming increasingly important. What could be interesting for this one specific visitor? This can be based on his previous visits, search behaviour, location, time of day or the weather. Anything is possible, but with a headless CMS this can quickly become a complex puzzle.

Hybrid solution

Do you always have to choose between a headless CMS or a traditional CMS? No, more and more hybrid solutions are now available. The CMS is part of a complete solution, such as a DXP (Digital Experience Platform). In this way, the CMS can be used both headless and with a full frontend.

Even in the hybrid form of CMS, techies still play a role, but other stakeholders, such as marketers, are given more control. It is no longer just about creating content, but also about General Manager Email List the design on a page. Think, for example, of being able to influence the background color, or display on a mobile as paragraph or accordion style. Fragments and other components can be easily reused. And you can easily add extra modules such as commerce and analytics. In addition, the content can still be shared with other channels and devices via APIs. Still play a role, but other stakeholders, such as marketers, are given more.

General Manager Email List


Are you considering purchasing a headless CMS? Then think carefully about what you want to use it for. Take a good look at the possibilities that the API offers.

  • For example, can you request content, taking into account your wishes in terms of personalization?
  • Is only the content delivered in raw form or is it also possible to apply templates to the content?
  • Can you request this in different languages?
  • Can the API be expanded with your own microservices or do you need another solution?
  • What will the Total Cost of Ownership be ?

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