We do not see ourselves as a classic Indonesia Phone Number List developing and selling a product but rather as an outsourced Data Lab, allowing companies to promote their data thanks to new technologies, this is the concept of DataGenius. We therefore lead Data Science and AI (Artificial Intelligence) projects for our clients by integrating a strong algorithmic component, with the use of innovative technologies such as machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processsing) … Our strength is to put our teams of experts, Data Scientists and Consultants, in place and available to customers (business lines and CIOs), to make the link between business strategies and the underlying technological capabilities. And what are your clients’

problems and what solutions do you provide? We assess three levels of maturity among our clients regarding their data and their knowledge on the subject, and provide them with three levels of associated services: “ I have data but I don’t know what to do with it and I don’t know what data science is ”: our solution to this problem is simple, we offer them a Data diagnosis carried out by one of our consultants; it is a 1 st step, strategic and business around data. “ I have a little idea of ​​how to enhance my data but I don’t know anything about it ”: in this case we offer end-to-end support to carry out a data project, from definition,

How Did You Get The Idea To Create

design to production and deployment tailor-made solutions (eg fraud detection tools, customer complaint management, resource optimization, etc.). ” I know my data and I need expertise on a specific skill or technology “: in the latter case we provide the expert on said skill (eg NLP, Machine learning, data visualization, etc.) or technology (eg spaCy, Tensorflow, Scrappy, Spark, Hadoop, Django, Docker, etc.). We have also developed pre-packaged solutions, having deployed them to our customers and in order to adapt to data formats: processing phone calls, web scraping and analysis of Word and PDF file content.


How did you get the idea to create DataGenius? It all started with an entrepreneurship course at EM Lyon, where I did my Master 2 year. have no idea? “. The professor gave us examples like Microsoft, HP, etc. Basically, these companies were “boxes of benefits”, then they realized that what the customer requested was replicable and therefore developed products. The concept marked me so I decided to give it a go with Data Science! DataGenius was created in April 2017, therefore with the aim of being in the format of a consulting company specializing in Data Science while at the same time developing scalable products.

What Are The Next Steps For Datagenius

What is your assessment after more than two years of activity? Today, DataGenius consists of several employees who work daily for our clients, on various projects, in various sectors: pharmaceuticals, insurance, etc. We are not specialized in a particular sector even if we are starting to develop real expertise around the subjects of health and pharmacy; this is purely linked to our ecosystem: being based in Lyon, a hub of the pharmaceutical industry, we have had great opportunities there. We set up the box with an initial capital of 2,500 €, we did not raise funds and are profitable because our business model of selling fixed

price projects does not require large upstream investments as would have been the case. if we had created a product. As for the pre-packaged products that we develop, we design them in co-innovation with our historical customers who have become partners.investments necessary to approach the quality of the leader’s product, except to find out how to gain market share through innovations. Conformism and the fear of staying on the wrong horse ends up killing the actors who have failed to stay on top. A painful example is the disappearance of Viadeo from LinkedIn. There we can not do anything, or reproduce what Rocket

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