would certainly Canada WhatsApp Number List they are looking for on this page using the information provided  even if the main purpose of the page is to have you test a demo of the software. The main thing is to make the content of your page dedicated to your product or service as useful as possible. But remember, conversions should be your # 1 goal. Create high quality blog content When people say content is king, they are mostly talking about content posted on blogs. Indeed, a blog is the ideal space on your site to write information articles aiming to position you on hundreds, even thousands of keywords in search engines.

HubSpot has found that businesses that regularly publish content receive 350% more traffic than those that don’t put as much effort into their content marketing. seo blog impact Our agency’s website is living proof of this approach. Thanks to a regular publication of blog posts aimed at providing useful information to our readers, we have doubled the organic traffic of the site in the space of 2 months (between August and October). traffic-thanks-to-blog-seo And we wouldn’t get as much traffic if we were content to overload our service pages with content, hoping to be first on queries like “seo agency”, “sea agency”, “web agency paris”, “seo lille agency” or even “paris seo agency”.

Intent-technologies-benefits Content

This is how SEO works today. To succeed with an SEO action plan, your site needs to publish real added value for the reader by focusing on the useful information that you will bring to them, without you highlighting your services or products. This is called Content Marketing . The latest statistics from WordPress reveal that 70 million blog posts are published each month . figures-wordpress seo And this only concerns WordPress. People also post millions of articles on Medium, Shopify, and other platforms. The essential ? For your content to stand out (and rank in SEO) these days, it has to be exceptional . Otherwise, it will be drowned among the millions of other content released every day.


Example of quality content Now we would like to give you some examples of the types of super qualitative content that work very well for SEO. The lists Articles in list form include complete lists of tips, advice, techniques, recipes… or just about anything you can think of. They are very impactful because the lists use information from different sources across the web or elsewhere. So instead of having, for example, an article devoted to 20 tips for creating your CV and another with 15 things not to do in your CV.

A Keyword Like “Property Management Software”

Your content in the form of a list allows you to group everything and to offer all the information in one page. This is notably what Olivier Duffez of Web Rank Info did, who gathered all the tips to improve SEO through a list of 77 concrete ideas to improve your SEO . list-article-webrankinfo-seo agency 90 Step by step guides The detailed step-by-step guides are as old as the internet itself. And they are still as effective as ever. To illustrate as an example, the article written by our experts about how to optimize a product sheet for SEO ,

illustrates perfectly how to build and optimize the product sheets of your e-commerce site by proceeding in stages. For this, we strongly advise you to use a table of contents to show the details of your steps. example-seo-guide-step-by-step seo Content with data BuzzSumo reviewed 100 million blog posts for its “Content Trends Report” study. The study found that it’s harder than ever to get people to share and link to content . Why ? The amount of content that has been posted since 2015 has exploded, making it harder to stand out. Instead, they found that content that embeds encrypted

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