Resources that are really worth sharing and leave a teaching that you can use in your virtual store. That is why we are fans of everything Oreo does, since its content is so diverse that surely some type of resource that they have used will be useful for you to put it into practice directly in your content strategy, and in turn in your social media strategy . A bit of history and data Oreo is the best-selling cookie brand in the 21st century as it is estimated that 500 billion cookies have been sold over the last 101 years. It is currently available in more than 100 countries. Belonging since 2010 to Mondelēz International, with a sale value of one billion dollars.

Let’s recap a little the statistics of their social networks, which are the ideal medium they use to share everything they do. + 35 million fans on India Phone Number Facebook + 324 thousand followers on Twitter + 143 million followers on Instagram + 48 million followers on YouTube Within its varied content we can find images alluding to events and special dates, the Snack Hacks campaign, The Cookie Chronicles videos and a very special case that was made when this cookie turned 100 in 2013. Let’s see each one and how you can apply these ideas (not necessarily the same resources) in your online store.

Engaging, Fun, and Interactive

A cookie + an important event = successful resource. Having an image that shows a relevant event for your readers is important to create eye-catching content. Easy to share and to apply as a constant and long-term strategy. Oreo knows this and for some years now he has been able to use his cookies as the main element. Handling them creatively to exemplify some event that should be remembered. Let’s look at some great examples. The sinking of the Titanic Oreo did not miss that significant date and on April 14 he made a very creative image to represent the sinking of the famous ship. Of course using an Oreo cookie and its always faithful companion, a glass of milk.

Surely when you see this image, you will not forget this date again. First lunar eclipse of 2014 In some countries of the world, on April 15, there was the opportunity to appreciate a lunar eclipse. Oreo could not pass up this opportunity, creating an image that says it all. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see the eclipse live, this image gives you a very similar idea of ​​what it looked like. Lesson : There is no event for which a striking image cannot be made that reminds us of the special day. There is something for all ages, tastes and even television preferences. Such is the case of fans of the Star Trek series, perfect to share among your Geek contacts.

We Are Always Looking for Content

Oreo Snack Hacks Within their social network accounts, you have surely come across a series of videos or images with the legend Snack Hacks. These are little ideas to use this delicious cookie in different ways and combinations, showing its versatility. Don’t know how to eat a delicious Oreo cookie on a hot day? Oreo explains through images how to make a delicious Oreo popsicle by combining his two favorite elements, cookie and milk. But if you are a visual person and you need a mini tutorial to, say, make. A delicious and cold coffee with cubes of milk and ground oreo, then on their YouTube channel they present. You a series of quick video tutorials where in a matter of seconds they explain. A recipe to give versatility to the use of this cookie.

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